Malory Towers

Malory Towers is a 13 half hour children’s drama series set in post-war Britain based on the iconic novels by Enid Blyton. Perched high on the sun-drenched cliffs of the Cornish coast, Malory Towers is an all-girls’ boarding school. It’s a protected paradise, bursting with energy, fun…and mystery.

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Episodes Season 2

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    Darrell and the gang return to Malory Towers for their second form. Adventure, fun and boarding school antics are back in full swing, with midnight feasts, classroom tricks and lasting friendship.

  • 1. The Head of Form

    Darrell and the gang return to Malory Towers for second year! The first job of the term is to appoint a new Head of Form; with Alicia, Sally and Gwen in the running, who will the girls choose to lead?

  • 2. The Dunce’s Cap

    Tensions increase between Alicia and Sally, when Alicia convinces Darrell to play a prank with invisible chalk! To try and restore order Mr. Parker introduces the dunce’s cap...

  • 3. The Stray

    The girl's efforts to make Ellen feel more included backfires. Ellen runs away to seek solace with a new friend she’s found in the grounds. Darrell uncovers information that threatens their future!

  • 4. The Auditions

    In an attempt to impress her parents, Gwen auditions for the lead role in the upcoming school play, but it doesn’t go as well as she hoped! Darrell and Sally try to work on a plan to save the school.

  • 5. The Caricatures

    When Alicia’s birthday hamper doesn’t arrive from her parents, she sets out to have a bit of fun...until it backfires! Meanwhile, Gwen’s lie about her father’s sickness starts to spiral out of control.

  • 6. The Runaway

    Ellen is delighted to have finished the class test with time to spare, but it goes wrong. Anxious and upset, she disappears - the girls must find her!

  • 7. The Play

    When Miss Grayling invites a potential investor to the school, the girls must put on a day to impress. Darrell is tasked to lead a tour, but all doesn't quite go to plan!

  • 8. The Measles

    Gwen overhears news that threatens the existence of Malory Towers! Sally is left by Mam’zelle to take a lesson, but Alicia proves to be a tricky pupil.

  • 9. The Sneezing Trick

    Tensions come to a head between Darrell, Alicia and Sally when a sneezing trick is played on Mam’zelle. Meanwhile, Gwen is alarmed when Matron announces a trunk inspection!

  • 10. The School Trip

    Gwen resorts to drastic measures to hide her stolen bounty, whilst Darrell and Sally make a discovery that could lead them to Lady Jane’s treasure!

  • 11. The Quiz

    The local boys school play Malory Towers in an inter-school quiz. Ellen’s reputation is under threat when Darrell catches her sneaking around in the middle of the night!

  • 12. The Heroine

    Gwen attempts to get rid of the stolen items she has gathered, but in the process puts Mary-Lou in mortal danger!

  • 13. The Lost Treasure

    It’s the last day of school and Miss Grayling is to sign away Malory Towers forever! Will Darrell and Sally’s dramatic discovery save the school?

  • 14. New Arrivals

    The girls welcome Bill and her horse Thunder to Malory Towers, but Bill’s place in the third form is under threat when she is accused of spending too much time in the stables.

  • 15. The Trials

    Gwen is outraged when she’s tricked into signing up for the lacrosse team, but it’s short-lived when she discovers Mary-Lou is out of sorts and needs her help.

  • 16. The Surprise Picnic

    Darrell suggests a midnight feast in the stables under the cover of darkness, but it doesn’t go to plan. Meanwhile sixth former Mavis discovers Irene’s musical talents.

  • 17. The Accident

    Bill is struggling with her schoolwork due to spending too much time at the stables, but she and Darrell need Thunder’s help when someone at school has a serious accident.

  • 18. The New Headmistress

    Darrell’s temper rears its head again when Miss Johnson introduces tough new school rules – can she hold it together and play her best lacrosse in front of the county scout?

  • 19. The Voice

    Sally returns to a very different Malory Towers. They need to warn Miss Grayling of the strict new rules…but they’ll have to get through Miss Johnson first.

  • 20. The Dance

    Gwen’s power goes to her head when she organizes a dance lesson with the boys from Thackerton. Meanwhile, Darrell and Mary-Lou make a mysterious discovery in the woods!

  • 21. The Sisters

    Darrell is determined to give her sister Felicity a jolly fun time when she visits, but with Miss Johnson’s rules in force they have to resort to drastic measures!

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