Malory Towers

Malory Towers is a 13 half hour children’s drama series set in post-war Britain based on the iconic novels by Enid Blyton. Perched high on the sun-drenched cliffs of the Cornish coast, Malory Towers is an all-girls’ boarding school. It’s a protected paradise, bursting with energy, fun…and mystery.

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    Based on the iconic six-book series of the same name by Enid Blyton, Malory Towers is a new live-action tween series following 12-year-old Darrell’s dreams of adventure and independence.

  • 1. The First Day

    It’s the first day of term at Malory Towers and new girl Darrell Rivers can’t wait for a fresh start! But whilst she’s keen to settle in, will her past come back to haunt her?

  • 2. The New Girls

    Jealous Gwen is determined to find out more about Darrell’s past and leaves the school in pursuit of the truth—will Darrell be able to find her before her secret is revealed?

  • 3. The Tricks

    Darrell starts helping Alicia to play pranks in class, whilst a mysterious red handprint appears on the door of the dormitory—could it be from the ghost of Lady Jane Malory?

  • 4. The Slap

    Darrell regrets losing her temper with Gwen, and the first formers are forced to hold a class court to decide what to do about it. Has Darrell’s reputation been tarnished forever?

  • 5. The Match

    It’s the big lacrosse match, but when Darrell discovers Malory Towers are playing her old school, she is forced to come face-to-face with her past!

  • 6. The Midnight Feast

    The girls are set to have their first North Tower midnight feast! But when things don’t go to plan they are forced to hide in one of the school’s most off-limit areas.

  • 7. The Open Day

    It’s open day at Malory Towers and the girls’ parents pay a visit. Meanwhile, Darrell has a big decision to make about her future at the school.

  • 8. The Push

    When Sally is taken seriously ill, Darrell blames herself and sneaks out of school find a doctor. Meanwhile, Alicia inspires anarchy in the dorm.

  • 9. The Letter

    Sally’s family secrets are about to be revealed when her Mum arrives at Malory Towers. Meanwhile, Darrell’s meddling causes problems for Miss Potts.

  • 10. The Dress

    When a beautiful dress arrives at Malory Towers, the girls are buzzing to realise there is a debutante in their midst, but who is it?

  • 11. The Spider

    Sally and Darrell hatch a plan to make Mary-Lou braver than she could ever imagine, whilst Gwen is determined to keep her best friend at any cost.

  • 12. The Ghost

    Darrell and Sally are determined to solve the mystery of the Malory ghost, but discover the truth is far more complex than they could ever have imagined.

  • 13. The Last Day

    When Darrell is accused of smashing Mary-Lou’s precious pen, she and Sally must prove her innocence before she will be asked to leave Malory Towers forever.

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