Internal Affairs investigator, Izzy Bachar, is in the final stretch of his career when he stumbles upon a police corruption case where the prime suspect is his best friend, a decorated police officer.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Friends

    Eliran Hen is arrested by the International Crimes Unit after a fatal shootout in the city of Bat Yam.

  • 2. The Witness

    Izzy dives into the investigation, trying to learn more about Eliran, whose motives he finds dubious - this while struggling to keep the whole thing secret from Barak.

  • 3. Chase

    As Tal Ben Harush is assigned to the IAD taskforce against her will, Both IAD and Barak’s crew are looking for Eliran Hen.

  • 4. Rusian

    The IAD taskforce is regrouping after the fiasco of Eliran’s escape. The new prime objective is finding Ruslan.

  • 5. Lies

    Izzy, Tal and the rest of the IAD team raid the Rishon LeZion police station and question Barak[s men in relation to Ruslan’s disappearance.

  • 6. Turkeys

    Two and a half years in the past. Izzy, Barak and Dudu are friends. The recently widowed Barak is about to get promoted and given command of the Rishon LeZion station.

  • 7. The Attorney

    Back in the present, some good old fashioned intelligence work on behalf of Tal and Izzy’s score the IAD taskforce some tactical wins in the war with Barak.

  • 8. Tires

    As the IAD taskforce are getting ready to raid the ammo container deal, International Crimes suddenly swoop in and arrest Leibo’s co-conspirator, Imad.

  • 9. Uman

    Eliran is arrested by Ukrainian authorities and Izzy and Tal are sent there in order to convince Eliran to return to Israel and testify.

  • 10. Is Over

    Izzy and Tal return from Ukraine defeated. On the personal front Izzy is dealing with his separation from Eti and Tal with her unwanted pregnancy.

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