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Peter Mansbridge presents a weekly interview program featuring conversations with the people who shape this country.

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Episodes Season 13

  • 1. Stephen Harper

    The Prime Minister talks with Peter about September 11: how it changed him, and how it changed Canada.

  • 2. Richard Gwyn

    Historian and writer Richard Gwyn reveals things you never knew about Sir John A. Macdonald.

  • 3. Nicole Williamson

    An incredible tale of survival from a woman who survived a plane crash in the Arctic that killed 12 people.

  • 4. Brendan Shanahan

    He played 21 years in the NHL, now Brendan Shanahan is the league's VP of player safety, and he's making his mark in a way that may change how the game is played.

  • 5. Dr. Ann McKee

    Peter's in the lab with Dr. Ann McKee, one of the key researchers in degenerative brain disease, and finds out what she's learning from the head trauma suffered by fallen former athletes.

  • 6. Mark Carney

    Peter sits down with Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney about the growing concern over the financial crisis in Europe and what it could mean for Canada.

  • 7. Dr. Samantha Nutt

    Author and doctor Samantha Nutt on the challenge of delivering aid effectively.

  • 8. The Right Honourable John Turner

    Our country's 17th Prime Minister and former leader of the Liberal Party joins us to talk about his legacy and the challenges facing his party today.

  • 9. Robbie Robertson

    Music icon Robbie Robertson talks about his career as a guitarist and songwriter.

  • 10. Alison Redford

    Peter Mansbridge in conversation with the new Alberta premier.

  • 11. Naguib Sawiris

    Peter sits down with Egyptian politician and businessman Naguib Sawiris about his hopes for and disappointment in Egypt's Arab Spring.

  • 12. Shawn Atleo

    In the wake of the crisis in Attawapiskat First Nation, Shawn Atleo discusses the future of Canada's Abroiginal communities.

  • 13. Matt Hartley

    Peter talks tech with the editor of

  • 14. 2011 Mansbridge Conversations

    Peter Mansbridge presents a weekly interview program featuring conversations with the people who shape this country.

  • 15. Malcolm Gladwell

    Wrapping up 2011 with renowned author Malcolm Gladwell.

  • 16. Ken Dryden

    One of hockey's great players of the past, one of its most passionate observers of the present, Ken Dryden answers how much has the game really changed, and what is at stake for its future.

  • 17. Mary Simon

    They are the first peoples of Canada’s north: the Inuit. They live in some of the most spectacular parts of this country, but the challenges facing them are daunting. From climate change to resource development, from education to housing. For the past six years the most powerful Inuit leader in the country has been Mary Simon. This week she’s our guest!

  • 18. Stephen Harper

    A conversation with the Prime Minister about pipelines, Iran, health care, pensions, and first nations.

  • 19. Susan Ormiston

    Peter sits down with the CBC's Susan Ormiston about her and her team being the first Canadian broadcasters to report from Syria.

  • 20. George Chuvalo

    Peter sits down with legendary Canadian boxer George Chuvalo about the glory days of the sport he loves.

  • 21. James Stribopoulos

    Peter sits down with law professor James Stribopoulos to discuss the merits of and challenges faced by publication bans.

  • 22. Stephen Lewis

    Peter sits down with Stephen Lewis to discuss his two passions: Politics and Africa - getting his thoughts on both.

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