Mighty Express

Catch a ride with Mighty Express – a team of trains and their kid friends who overcome trouble on the tracks with quick thinking and teamwork!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 36. Gimme a lift

    Brock derails while delivering bricks to fix a bridge, and Milo must use his new Scissor Lift Car to fix Brock, and help with the bridge repair as well.

    Leaving in 1 day

  • 37. Monkey Wrench

    Faye is trying to deliver a monkey back to his home in the jungle, but he keeps wreaking havoc with a wrench he found.

    Leaving in 2 days

  • 39. The Domino Effect

    Brock must deliver a load of giant dominoes to Central Square, to complete he and Nico's elaborate domino show set-up.

    Leaving in 3 days

  • 41. Sheriff Red

    Red is chosen to deliver the long lost Great Golden Stagecoach to the town bank, but trouble ensues when Mandy swipes the delivery for herself.

    Leaving in 4 days

  • 43. Quack Express

    When Tiny the whale's small toy rubber ducky breaks, Faye is tasked with getting him a new giant rubber ducky toy.

    Leaving in 6 days

  • 61. Nate's Favorite Place

    Freight Nate challenges Max to guess his favorite place in Tracks Ville.

  • 62. Camp Out

    Peoplemover Penny has never been to camp, so Ivy invites her to join in on the fun at Camp Itchiknee.

  • 63. Bounce in the House

    As Rescue Red tours School Station, Max wonders how he plans to use the bouncy net car during a routine safety inspection.

  • 64. Lift Me Up

    Mechanic Milo and Liza team up to prevent Bat Cave Tunnel from collapsing, and to return a baby owl to its nest.

  • 65. Fun with Flicker

    After completing various safety inspections with his big brother, Flicker and Rescue Red end the day on The Milo Coaster!

  • 66. An A-maze-ing Day

    Harvesting corn is hard work, but Faye makes it fun when she creates a corn maze for the kids.

  • 67. Building Buddies

    Build-It Brock gives Liza a tour of his favourite builds to help inspire Liza's own creation.

  • 68. Penny's Summer Train-cation

    Penny has a blast in Tracks Ville during summer vacation.

  • 69. Ready for Launch

    Mechanic Milo and Liza must build the new comet exhibit in time for the class field trip to Museum Station.

  • 70. Farmer Flicker

    With Farmer Faye's guidance, Flicker finds his own way of doing things on the farm to help care for the animals.

  • 71. The Great Goat Standoff

    Goaty's antics prevent Freight Nate from making an urgent delivery.

  • 72. Inspection Time

    When a surprise safety inspection threatens Liza, Nico and Max's fun, it's Rescue Red... to the rescue!

  • 73. Hoedown Helpers

    When the party supplies aren't delivered, it's all wheels on deck to prepare the farm for a hoedown to remember.

  • 74. The Great Chase

    Diesel chases Mandy Mail all around Tracks Ville as she tries to make her deliveries.

  • 75. Star Bright

    When clouds threaten to ruin Flicker's view of the stars, it's Mechanic Milo to the rescue!

  • 76. Car Show

    The trains compete to see who can do the best train car tricks.

  • 77. Day with Diesel

    All the trains are too busy to play with Diesel - except Mandy Mail, who plays the greatest game of fetch Trackville's ever seen!

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