Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple

For Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple, the mini-clones of Earth A's most famous agents, sitting still in class is never easy! And it's particularly challenging when you're gifted and full of energy, and you live in an agency filled with incredible and potentially dangerous gadgets! The mini-clones always have a device to invent, a game to test, or a thingamajig to blow up. They add some excitement to an agency that wasn’t missing any — but, as they say, you’re only young once! In this comedic animated series inspired by the eponym book series, a spin off of Super Agent Jon Le Bon!, kids follow Mini-Jon, Mini-Maple and their giant mutant eye Byzantine on their wildest and zaniest adventures. After all, just because the grown-ups go on missions doesn't mean you can't have fun at home!

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    Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple are undergoing their training in the most secretive and technologically advanced Agency in the world! It's like school, but with less boredom, more explosions, and an adorable giant mutant eye to play with!

  • 1. The Return of the Codovores

    The hunt for code-eaters is on, and Billy wants to prove to the mini-clones that he's the best virtual gamer in the Agency!

  • 2. The Package

    Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple want to find out what's inside a package addressed to Jon Le Bon. They just need to be careful not to break it. Or make it explode...

  • 3. Henry the Indestructible

    When Henry gets coated with liquid armour and can’t escape, Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple have to free him. Too bad Mini-Jon designed the armour to be indestructible!

  • 4. The Chaos Fairy

    Q wants to force the mini-clones to clean their room by pretending to be the Chaos Fairy.

  • 5. Chromatic Alert

    Mini-Jon invents an intelligent paintbrush to repaint his room. Very practical! Except when Byzantine gets involved!

  • 6. The Mystery Meeting

    Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple are denied access to a meeting reserved for adult agents, but there's nothing like being told “no” to spark the curiosity of two mini-clones.

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  • 7. Henry's Fears

    EVA gives the mini-clones a very important mission: to terrify Henry. It may seem mean but... it's for his own good!

  • 8. Journey to the Center of the Vacuum

    Mini-Jon wants to rescue Mini-Maple, who's stuck inside a vacuum cleaner, before she ends up in the trash! And also to make sure Henry doesn’t find out they played with his miniaturizer.

  • 9. Energy Sharing

    Mini-Jon must pass a very, very difficult physical test. Fortunately, when you're a mini-genius, there's always a way to cheat!

  • 10. The Concrete Tooth

    Mini-Maple helps Mini-Jon try to yank out a very tenacious baby tooth! Does the Agency have technology powerful enough to get the job done?

  • 11. Android Infiltration

    Henry gives the mini-clones a very special task: to find the android who has infiltrated the Agency. It could be anyone, even an agent!

  • 12. Password?

    Shorthands wants to retrieve a book from the mini-clones' playhouse, but beware… no one can enter without the password!

  • 13. The Treasure

    The mini-clones are searching for a very powerful artifact, but Q wants to get his hands on the precious object first... if he can avoid the booby traps.

  • 14. Field Trip

    Mini-Jon is sleeping too soundly to participate in a really fun field trip. Luckily, Mini-Maple would never leave him behind.

  • 15. Snow for Byzantine

    Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple have a special task: to create snow. Child's play! Unless they have to do it without causing a catastrophe.

  • 16. Saving Q

    Q is trapped in the middle of a lake of lava after escaping the Agency through a portal. Luckily, the mini-clones are there to save him!

  • 17. The Magic Trick

    Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple want to create a magic trick that can even fool Henry, the smartest scientist in the world!

  • 18. Canine Hiccups

    Shorthands is infected with a bizarre disease invented by the mini-clones: canine hiccups. All they have left to do is to invent the cure.

  • 19. The Super Machine

    Q wants to use the mini-clones' superpower machine to take control of the Agency. Unfortunately for him, the machine's superpowers are mostly super useless!

  • 20. The Nanny

    The mini-clones reprogram a copy of EVA to make themselves a loving nanny... but she’s a little too controlling.

  • 21. Mama Byzantine

    There's nothing cuter than baby animals, but when it comes to baby Byzantines, there's nothing as hard to train.

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