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An exciting new Mandarin-language version of Australia's Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, that follows the unlikely detective duo - Miss S and Inspector Luo Qiuheng- who solve cases in 1930s Shanghai.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Mysterious Drugs: Part 1

    Su Wenli had just returned to Shanghai from Paris attends a dinner hosted by her senior in school who finds her husband dying mysteriously.

  • 2. Mysterious Drugs: Part 2

    Taozi is suspected to have poisoned her employer to death. Meanwhile, a male dancer who wishes to avenge his sister is also a suspect. But Su Wenli has someone else in mind.

  • 3. The Missing Woman: Part 1

    On a night train, a wealthy woman suddenly disappears. Later, her body is discovered hanging on a water station beside the railway tracks.

  • 4. The Missing Woman: Part 2

    The deceased had left a huge fortune behind. Who will inherit it? Who has been bearing a deep grudge against her?

  • 5. A Song of Blood: Part 1

    In a lively and vibrant nightclub, a customer collapses and dies abruptly. The crime scene is cordoned off but a window in the washroom is open. A friend of Su Wenli has fled the scene.

  • 6. A Song of Blood: Part 2

    The police find the murder weapon in the female nightclub singer’s dressing room. The singer turned herself in but Su Wenli has a feeling that she is not the real culprit.

  • 7. Shadows in the Bookstore: Part 1

    A sudden death in the morning and a burglary at midnight in a bookstore. Is one of the books holding a secret? While the lady owner seems to have a secret that she cannot tell.

  • 8. Shadows in the Bookstore: Part 2

    Two members of a secret organization have died consecutively. Their deaths are linked together by a mysterious chemistry formula.

  • 9. The Haunted Theatre: Part 1

    A theatre manager complains to Su Wenli about a ghost in the theatre but Su Wenli dismisses it. Until strange things happen one after another and she is nearly killed by a falling object.

  • 10. The Haunted Theatre: Part 2

    The murderer turns out to be a person pretending to be a ghost. Later, Su Wenli finds out that the case is mysteriously linked to an actress’s suicide twenty years ago.

  • 11. The Woman in a Nightgown: Part 1

    A painting of Su Wenli from years ago leads to murder. Not long after the famous painter’s widow visits Su Wenli, someone breaks into her house to steal the painting.

  • 12. The Woman in a Nightgown: Part 2

    The victim turns out to be a witness to the painter’s murder seven years ago. The witness’s description may point Su Wenli’s former flame and this stirs up Su Wenli’s emotions.

  • 13. Death by the Music Box: Part 1

    The mean and nasty editorial assistant of Linglong Magazine is found dead in the office before getting off work.

  • 14. Death by the Music Box: Part 2

    Another female editor dies after being pushed off a building and an important piece of evidence goes missing. Everyone is being interrogated and a love affair in the publishing house comes to light.

  • 15. The Deadly Mill: Part 1

    A cotton mill technician dies in a weaving machine. Su Wenli suspects the mill owner but when the owner dies after falling off a building, Doctor Liu Ruqing becomes the prime suspect.

  • 16. The Deadly Mill : Part 2

    The owner’s sister takes over the mill while Taozi is instructed to work undercover and investigate. But she finds herself in grave danger when she discovers the identity of the murderer.

  • 17. The Bleeding Pearls: Part 1

    Su Wenli brings Taozi to a high-end boutique but a murder takes place in the changing room. The boutique is owned by two hostile sisters. Did one of them kill the wealthy customer?

  • 18. The Bleeding Pearls: Part 2

    A tailor is murdered when Su Wenli sneaks into the boutique at night. The murderer makes a clever escape. Danger lurks in the seemingly stylish and glamorous boutique.

  • 19. The Wilted Daffodil: Part 1

    A young beauty pageant contestant is found dead in Suzhou River. Questions arise on the girl’s intention of appearing at the river during midnight. Is it a malicious temptation or a dark secret?

  • 20. The Wilted Daffodil: Part 2

    Luo Qiuheng finds the young girl’s lover, a university student from a wealthy family. On the night of the incident, the girl asked him to meet up but the boy claims that he didn’t turn up.

  • 21. The Studio of Death: Part 1

    A radio station employee dies mysteriously after work, her body is only found the next morning. Su Wenli and Luo Qiuheng decide to infiltrate the radio station which is already short of staff.

  • 22. The Studio of Death: Part 2

    While Luo Qiuheng and Su Wenli infiltrate the radio station at night, someone attempts to set it on fire.

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