Mittens and Pants

Mittens the kitten and Pants the puppy go on adventures in the town of Kibble Corners. Despite being a dog and a cat, they are the best of friends because they accept that they are different.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Superpants

    When Pants the puppy tries to save the day as a superhero, he worries everyone has a super power but him.

  • 2. Bunny Family Wedding

    When Pants the puppy goes to a family wedding, he realizes that because he’s adopted, every member of his family but him is a bunny.

  • 3. My Carrots

    When Monsieur LaFleur gets Apricot’s help to shoot a carrot commercial, he worries that he’s dropping his carrots too much.

  • 4. Fish In Water

    DJ Swimfins is driving to her concert in the park, but her RV gets stuck in the mud. Mittens, Fire Chief Grapefruit and others in Kibble Corners try to help the DJ move her van. Will they succeed?

  • 5. Blueberry’s Journey

    Blueberry the tortoise makes the very long trip to Pants’ house while Pants tries to be patient as he waits to play with his friend.

  • 6. Pants’ Talent

    When the town holds a big talent show, Pants struggles to figure out his talent.

  • 7. Hopping Day

    The Mayor worries his big hop into the town fountain, to kick off this year’s Hopping Day, isn’t as good as the one he did last year.

  • 8. Splashyball

    Mittens hears that Pants and Popcorn are off playing a game that ‘isn't’ for cats’. But if she can play a kitten game, a guinea pig game and a pig game, why can’t she play this game?

  • 9. Portrait of a Puppy

    Pants’ parents try to get Pants to sit still for a photo. But the energetic, wiggly puppy just won’t sit still long enough for a good picture.

  • 10. The Big Scoop

    Apricot, the news guinea pig, enlists Mittens’ help to find the biggest story of the day, but no story seems big enough.

  • 11. Bath Time

    When Pants and Mittens get really dirty playing, Pants tries to get Mittens to take a bath in the water, but it turns out that’s not what kittens do.

  • 12. Pass the Post

    Puppies Pants and Popcorn help Post Pig Petunia deliver mail to everyone in Kibble Corners after her post van gets stuck in a tree.

  • 13. Cataversary

    When Pants finds mysterious gifts just for him, he searches everywhere for Mittens so he can share the news with his best friend. But where is she?!

  • 14. Career Day

    It seems like all the animals in Kibble Corners are perfectly suited for their jobs, but Mittens isn’t sure what kind of job she wants to do.

  • 15. Puppies and Holes

    Pants and Popcorn have fun digging the best hole ever, but when they forget to fill it in, Post Pig Petunia falls in and scatters her mail everywhere.

  • 16. New Toy

    When Pants accidentally takes Mittens’ new toy, it slowly gets destroyed as he tries to keep it safe.

  • 17. The Tortoise and the Mittens

    Blueberry the tortoise challenges Mittens the kitten to a race. But how can a tortoise win against a kitten?

  • 18. Puppy Detective

    Pants is the Puppy Detective. No mystery is too mysterious for his puppy nose! But is his nose suspect number one in why he’s not solving the case?

  • 19. Cat-Mitten

    Mittens plays games one way and Pants another. They struggle to find a game they can both play in the same way, but puppies and kittens seem to be really different!

  • 20. Socks for Kittens

    Mittens is confused by Pants’ gift. Socks? For a kitten? She tries to wear them to his house to say thanks, but kittens don’t really wear socks.

  • 21. Forgittin’ Kitten

    Mittens doesn’t listen to where she should meet her parents after she plays with Pants. Pants tries to helps her find them.

  • 22. Night Night Pants

    When Pants goes to Mittens’ house for a sleepover, Mittens’ wants to show him the best time, but her cat house just wasn’t built for dogs.

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