Molly of Denali

Get ready to sled into fun with MOLLY OF DENALI! Join Molly, an Alaska Native girl, her dog Suki, and friends Tooey and Trini on their adventures in epically beautiful Alaska. And along the way, Molly’s life is enhanced, kept on track, and flat-out SAVED by maps, guide books, websites, weather reports, and more.

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  • 1. Grandpa's Drum / Have Canoe, Will Paddle

    Molly finds an old photo of Grandpa as a child and is shocked to see him singing and drumming—Grandpa never sings / The Qyah Canoers are ready for their first competition. There’s just one problem: Molly, Tooey, and Trini don’t know how to canoe!

  • 2. Berry Itchy Day / Herring Eggs or Bust

    Tooey has agreed to watch the Trading Post while Molly and her family head to their super-secret-berry-picking-spot, but their trip is cut short by a swarm of pesky mosquitos / Molly is thrilled when her cousin Randall calls from Sitka to say he’s harvesting herring eggs—her absolute favorite food.

  • 3. Cabbagezilla / Name Game

    Trini’s excited to enter Big Green, her giant cabbage, into the Alaska State Fair, but a suspicious moose keeps nibbling its leaves / Molly wants to get her Native name when she discovers that her Mom, Dad, Grandpa and others in the community have one.

  • 4. First Fish / A-maze-ing Snow

    Molly can’t wait to catch her first fish (and to earn her own first fish tale), but when she gets to the river, the only thing she catches is Tooey’s missing boot! / Molly suggests a community fun-raiser to fix her school roof after a snow storm. The main attraction? A giant maze made of snow! All is well until Trini gets lost in the maze and Molly realizes the maze map is out of date.

  • 5. Bird in Hand / Bye Bye Birdie

    Molly and Tooey think they’ve discovered a ghost after a strange noise follows them from Spooky Hose all the way to the Trading Post’s Bunkhouse / Molly and Trini tag along with Nina on trip to Kenai National Park to see real, live puffins!

  • 6. Culture Clash / Party Moose

    Molly retells the story of the summer Trini moved to Qyah from Texas, and how she and Tooey attempted to make Trini feel at home — with cowboy hats, lassos, and “yee-haws.” / Molly flies north to surprise Nina with a hand-delivered party box of goodies (and herself) for Nina’s birthday, but her plans are jeopardized by a moose blocking the runway.

  • 7. Eagle Egg Hunt / Dream Tube

    When a gust of wind spins a wildlife camera away from an eagle’s nest on hatching day, Molly and Dad head to the Windsong Wildlife Area on an ATV to fix it / Molly and friends have their eye on a spectacular water tube for sale at the Trading Post, but they don’t have enough money to buy it. Fortunately, there is money to be found on the riverfront in the form of agate stones!

  • 8. Hot Springs Eternal / Tooey's Hero

    It’s a cold winter and Molly is set on discovering a hot springs Grandpa Nat once found in a blizzard, so she sets off with Grandpa, Dad, and Tooey on two snowmobiles and with a list of vague directions / Tooey’s hero, dog musher Eugene Pike, is recreating a historic mail run across interior Alaska.

  • 9. The Worm Turns / Little Dog Lost

    Molly, Tooey, and Trini are convinced giant ice worms are responsible for a power outage at the Trading Post, thanks to a spooky story from Grandpa Nat / When Tooey’s newest dog Anka wanders off during a training run in the woods, Molly and Tooey find ways to lure her back home.

  • 10. Suki's Bone / Brand New Flag

    When Suki digs up an old bone tool covered with markings, Molly, Tooey, and Oscar discover the playful pooch has made an important archeological discovery / Molly announces a contest to design an original flag for the Denali Trading Post.

  • 11. Sap Season / Book of Mammoths

    It’s been a long winter in Qyah, and everyone is out of birch syrup. Luckily, Auntie Midge is teaching Molly and Tooey how to tap trees so they can make more / Molly and her Dad are shocked when Travis, a tourist, announces that the goal of his expedition is to find a living woolly mammoth.

  • 12. New Navagi / Crane Song

    When Molly is entrusted with her Grandpa Nat’s secret nivagi recipe for the annual Qyah Ice Cream Competition, she’s determined to make it a winning dish...until Suki eats the nivagi and slobbers all over the recipe! / Molly can’t wait to help Nina and Dr. Antigone band baby cranes.

  • 13. Fiddle of Nowhere / A Splash of Mink

    Oscar has dreamed about participating in Qyah’s annual fiddle festival and becoming a champion fiddler like his idol, Finnegan King / Molly and Trini can’t wait to get their jig on at the Qyah Tribal Hall, but on the way, they run into an adorable, tiny mink that leaves them covered in a big, stinky smell.

  • 14. Reading the Mud / Unsinkable Molly Mabray

    When one of Connie’s prized turkeys goes missing on Molly and Tooey’s watch, it’s up to them to track it down. Armed with a tracking guide, Molly and Tooey decipher tracks in the mud to locate the troublesome turkey and bring it home safely // Inspired by Daniel’s tall tales of sailing on the high seas, Molly, Tooey, and Trini decide to build their own sailboat and voyage to distant waters. They soon find that building a sea-worthy boat is a lot more complicated than it seems.

  • 15. Winter Champions / Hus-keys

    In an attempt to entertain themselves through the long winter months, Molly and the gang organize an outhouse race to determine who will become “Winter Champions.” Now they just have to figure out how to build an outhouse and keep it from tipping over // After hearing that her Great-Aunt Merna keeps misplacing her keys, Molly decides to create a tutorial video to help Merna train her dog to find them for her. Molly and Tooey cast Suki in the leading roll, but when Molly’s furry friend’s performance is comically bad, she turns to clever editing to make her training video effective.

  • 16. Tooth or Consequences / Qyah Spy

    A sensational video turns Molly’s excitement about an upcoming dentist visit into panic. Do dentists really drill cavities with jackhammers? Molly and her friends have no desire to find out. Can they duck the traveling dentist long enough to get away pain-free? // It’s all fun and secret spy games until Molly and Tooey stumble across a mystery visitor in Qyah. The duo deduces the visitor must be a spy when they examine the stranger’s clothing and hear a conversation between an unfamiliar voice and Auntie Midge in a language that sounds like “secret code.”

  • 17. Turn on the Northern Lights / Fiddlesticks

    When Trini confesses that she’s never seen the Northern Lights, Molly makes it her mission to show them to her. But after several sleepless nights, they still haven’t seen the Aurora Borealis. Can a little help from lots of different sources help them see the lights? // After an awesome jig dance at the Tribal Hall, Molly can’t wait for her fiddle lessons with Oscar to start, but she soon discovers she has a knack for playing the drum. A knack that turns into a passion. Can Molly figure out a way to break the news that she won’t be taking fiddle lessons from her friend?

  • 18. Ice Sculpture / Tale of a Totem

    When Auntie Midge informs Molly that her Mom was once an accomplished ice sculptor, Molly decides to organize an ice-sculpting competition in Qyah. But when rising temperatures threaten to melt the ice, Molly must come up with a clever solution to save the contest // Molly’s excitement about attending her first totem pole raising in Sitka quickly turns to panic when she and Randall accidentally lose an important piece of the totem pole—one of the abalone shell eyes on a raven. Can they find a replacement before the ceremony that afternoon?

  • 19. Wild Moose Chase / Where the Bison Roam

    Molly’s class is learning about bartering by practicing with kids who live up north in Kaktovik, Alaska. Molly offers to trade a pair of moose antlers for the kids’ fossilized whale bone, but later discovers that the antlers she’s promised have been traded around town! Can Molly and Tooey track down the traveling antlers or will this barter go bust? // Molly and Mom accompany Nina to Shageluk, where Nina is doing a follow-up story on the country's only herd of wild wood bison. Once there, they meet Dr. Locklear and fly out to record the number of bison in the herd. Unfortunately, one of them seems to be missing. Will they be able to find it?

  • 20. The Night Manager / Not So Permafrost

    When the Sassy Ladies of Saskatoon arrive at the Trading Post a day early, Molly’s confident that she and Trini can handle checking them in using a handy guide for guests. But after a series of blunders caused by following the instructions in the guide, Molly realizes she may be in over her head // When Molly and her friends arrive at their old clubhouse, they are surprised to find it half sunk into the ground! Molly is determined to save the structure, but first she must solve the mystery of why it’s sinking in the first place.

  • 21. MollyBall | Visit Qyah

    After wet cement ruins Molly and the gang’s plans for a basketball rematch, they head over to the Trading Post where they create a new game called Mollyball! As the game gets more and more complex, the kids must figure out a way of explaining the rules and later, how to end the game // While looking through a travel guide of different Alaskan villages, Molly discovers that Qyah isn’t included! Molly convinces the guide’s author to visit her village and gets everyone involved to show the writer a good time. Will Molly succeed in getting Qyah into the guidebook?

  • 22. Rocky Rescue / Canoe Journey

    A routine science expedition with Grandpa Nat and Nina becomes a rescue mission when Nina hurts her ankle in a snowboarding accident and must be airlifted home. But dense cloud cover makes it nearly impossible for Mom to find them from the air. Can Molly figure out how to get Mom to see them? // Molly and Mom join Randall and his family in Sitka for their traditional canoe trip to Celebration in Juneau. When they are unable to find the shortcut to Juneau in time for the festivities, Molly must do some quick thinking about the instructions given by her Elders to get the group back on track.

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