Moose Holiday Special

In Banff, Alberta, moose sightings are a regular occurrence. Especially when we’re talking about Luke’s best friend and roommate – the enormous, expressive, fun-loving, and curious Moose, who showed up in the family’s backyard and was adopted as their pet. Since Moose joined the family, life has become a lot funnier and more interesting for Mom, Dad, Luke, and his three older sisters, especially during the holidays! So, when the family gathers around the tree on Christmas morning, everyone reminisces over the memorable Moose mayhem they’ve experienced this past year and inevitably they all realize how special it is to have Moose as part of the family. With many more comedic adventures to come, these character-driven, episodic stories explore Luke and Moose’s friendship, their lives at home and in their community – finding love and laughs in those everyday family moments.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Merry Moose

    When Mom volunteers Luke and Moose to decorate their home for the town’s holiday contest, they enlist the help of Luke’s friend, Tyler, and the three get to work!

  • 2. Nurse Moose

    When Mom injures her ankle helping rescue a baby raccoon, Luke and Moose offer to help take care of her. All Mom wants is a little rest and relaxation, but a great deal of kitchen chaos ensues!

  • 3. Mama Moose

    While practicing bird calls in the yard, Luke and Moose discover a baby owl – and it seems to think Moose is its mom! They’ve got to find the baby owl’s real mom and put it back in its nest.

  • 4. Moose Market

    Mom, Dad, Moose, Luke and his sisters are all preparing for their annual Christmas fundraiser sale. Only Moose slips on the ice and purchases soon fly everywhere, landing on Moose’s antlers!

  • 5. Mystery Moose

    Luke and Moose are playing in their clubhouse when Luke notices Moose’s belly grumble! Hungry, they both head to the patio table, but their Christmas cookies and hot chocolate are gone. Whodunnit?

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