Mr. Student Body President

Tyler Prendergast is the most ambitious student body president in the history of Berenger High. With his Machiavellian chief of Prendergast runs the school like a slick politician on Capitol Hill, as he maintains power by any means necessary. School is now is session.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Hail to the Chief

    When Berenger High's new social media policy threatens his "legacy," Student Body President Tyler Prendergast goes to war with the new principal.

  • 2. F’ed

    A peaceful cheating ring comes to the brink of civil war when the school’s top athletes receive F’s on the same day.

  • 3. The Protege

    Tyler’s planned alliance with Addison Pierce backfires, forcing him to endorse Blair McGunty, the freshman class’s grossest weirdo.

  • 4. Bad Dad

    Tyler’s political ambitions are threatened thanks to a robot baby named Emilio.

  • 5. Freshman Gym

    Tyler fears a school-wide crisis of confidence when it’s revealed he’s terrible at gym.

  • 6. BAE or NAY

    Hadley convinces Tyler to find his “first lady” on BLCHR, a new dating app for teens.

  • 7. Winter Break

    The conflict between Tyler and Helfrick comes to a head inside the empty school over break.

  • 8. Senor Prank

    Fearing he’ll be the latest victim of Berenger High’s annual senior prank, Tyler strategizes a way to strike first.

  • 9. Viva La Dickbutt!

    The classroom behavior of Matt Johnsmeyer results in a school-wide cell phone ban, leading Tyler to incite a full-scale revolution.

  • 10. Inside Job

    Tensions are high during Spirit Week, as Tyler leads the charge to hunt down the cell phone thief who’s been leaking the student body’s deepest, darkest secrets.

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