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Set in the late 1890s and early 1900s, critically-acclaimed series MURDOCH MYSTERIES explores the world of William Murdoch, a dashing detective who uses inventive forensic techniques to solve crimes.

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  • 1. Power

    While the electrocution of a young woman leads Murdoch to a war between rival electricity suppliers, and no less than Nikola Tesla (Dmitry Chepovetsky), Crabtree (Jonny Harris) finds himself attracted to a suspect.

  • 2. The Glass Ceiling

    When two respected officers of the court are murdered, Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) fears he’s next on the hit list; meanwhile, Murdoch interviews for the Inspector’s position at a new station.

  • 3. The Knockdown

    Fannie Robinson (Mariah Inger) stands out as the most viable suspect in the death of her husband, boxer Amos Robinson (Andrew Hinkson), but Murdoch’s strong intuition tells him otherwise.

  • 4. Elementary, My Dear Murdoch

    Skeptical Murdoch teams with his hero, Arthur Conan Doyle (Geraint Wyn Davies), to solve a murder that was revealed during a séance.

  • 5. 'Til Death Do Us Part

    When it is revealed that a man murdered on his wedding day was homosexual, Murdoch finds himself fighting his own beliefs.

  • 6. Let Loose the Dogs

    When his estranged father’s (Stephen McHattie) drunken body is found passed out near a murder scene, Murdoch finds himself questioning his own objectivity.

  • 7. Body Double

    When a skeletal corpse falls to the stage during a performance, Murdoch discovers not only a sinister murder plot, but Brackenreid’s secret love for the theatre.

  • 8. Still Waters

    When a wealthy rowing club member is found murdered, Murdoch investigates Toronto’s rich and powerful – and discovers a hidden side of Dr. Ogden.

  • 9. Belly Speaker

    Murdoch questions the confession of a mad ventriloquist who claims he killed his alcoholic father; Arthur Conan Doyle comes to town with an ulterior motive.

  • 10. Child's Play

    Children are the prime suspects in the murder of a wealthy philanthropist.

  • 11. Bad Medicine

    A killer disguised as the grim reaper vows to reveal a grisly secret by terrorizing the associates of a medical research institute.

  • 12. The Prince and the Rebel

    While investigating the murder of an Irish girl, Murdoch discovers a plot to kill a visiting British Prince.

  • 13. The Annoying Red Planet

    By all appearances, Martian activity is responsible for the death of a Rouge Valley landowner.

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