My 90 Year Old Roommate

A buddy comedy rooted in family, set in the madness of the modern world.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. One Night Stand

    Ethan tries to hide his roommate situation when he brings a woman home.

  • 2. Eulogy

    Ethan’s new writing gig is put to the test when one of Joe’s friends dies.

  • 3. Waiting Game

    Joe and Ethan go stir crazy as they wait for medical results.

  • 4. Mall Walk Cock Block

    Ethan sticks up for Joe after he is humiliated at the mall.

  • 5. High Holidays

    A 77-year streak is on the line after Ethan gets his grandfather high on the most sacred day of the year.

  • 6. Ghosting

    Joe takes a joke too far after Ethan teaches him a modern dating concept.

  • 7. Death Pool

    Ethan becomes a bookie when he discovers Joe and his friends bet on each other's deaths.

  • 8. The Guest

    Ethan risks shooting himself in the foot after he masterminds an Airbnb scheme.

  • 9. Drive

    Tired of arguing about who is the better driver, Ethan and Joe become Uber drivers to settle the debate.

  • 10. Hear No Evil

    Ethan enlists the help of the building’s concierge to throw a party for Joe.

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