Nadiya's Family Favourites

In this new series, Nadiya shows that being a good cook isn’t just about mastering technique, the real secret is knowing just what to muster up for each occasion and creating dishes that will put smiles on everyone’s faces - including the cook.

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  • 1. Family Days Out

    Delicious dishes for the perfect family day out, including picnic-perfect cheese biscuits with tomato jam filling, a delicious samosa pie and a feast of prawn saffron biryani to come home to.

  • 2. Nothing In the House

    Nadiya magics up tasty food for those ‘Nothing in the House’ days, including ginger rice with spicy chickpeas, avocado pasta with peas, and mint and carrot cake pakoras with a mouth-watering cream cheese dip.

  • 3. Family Get Togethers

    Nadiya puts her twist on food ideal for family get-togethers, learns how to perfect her barbeque technique with BBQ king James and meets Paul Ainsworth, Michelin-starred chef and salt enthusiast.

  • 4. Manic Weekdays

    Quick yet delicious dishes for Manic Weekdays. Nadiya visits the world’s first cereal café in London and whips up a mango and lime lassi bircher, a super-quick spin on prawn toast and a speedy and simple apple rocky road.

  • 5. People To Stay

    A breakfast of champions - mocha swirls - and a crowdpleasing piccalilli macaroni cheese. The ideal dishes for when people come to stay. Nadiya also learns all about chillies from self-confessed chilli geek George.

  • 6. Wind Down Weekends

    Nadiya reveals scrumptious recipes perfect for a winddown weekend, including an orange and coffee poke cake and a smokey spinach shakshuka. She also meets 102-year-old Nora, a homemade marmalade champion.

  • 7. Unexpected Guests

    Nadiya shows us how to whip up quick dishes for when a flock of hungry guests unexpectedly arrive, finds out how to make the best fudge and delves into the world of vinegar with experts Andy and Angela.

  • 8. Treat Days

    Truly indulge on treat days, with a fluffy chicken and rice bake that’s bursting with flavour and sticky syrup sponge balls that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy!

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