Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate

Ollie! The Boy Who Became What He Ate is an animated comedy about a very picky eater named Ollie, who, when finally gives in and tries new food, POP! becomes what he eats.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Ninja Berries/Sweet Potato Spy

    Ninja Ollie doesn’t need blueberries to remember his ninja moves… until he, Poppy and Nummy visit Blueberry Beach, where events force Ollie to taste a blueberry. / Super Spy Ollie and spy-in-training Poppy need sweet potato eye power to locate the Secret Enemy Vault at the top of the Sweet Potato Mountains.

  • 2. Watermelon Oasis/Lettuce Climb

    Deep in the dry toast desert, Explorers Ollie, Poppy and Nummy search for the Lost Pyramids, with the help of some watermelon. / Ollie, Poppy and Nummy attempt to climb an iceberg, but need lettuce's super bone-growing powers to make it to the top.

  • 3. Sasquash Hunter/Celery King

    When Nummy is snatched by a Sasquash, Ollie and Poppy track her down, with a little help from the power of squash. / Imprisoned by the King, Ollie the Knight must eat celery in order to gain brain power, so he can outsmart and escape the King, and free the innocent Nummlings from the dungeon.

  • 4. Mushroom Video Gamer/Coconut Island

    Ollie, Poppy and Nummy find themselves in a video game-world, with jumping mushrooms and a jewel just out of reach, where Ollie will have to taste a mushroom just to stay in the game. / Ollie's superhero skills are put to the test when a windstorm threatens a small Coconut Island village.

  • 5. Circus Chard/Asparagus X

    Circus Ringmaster Ollie, along with Poppy and Nummy, can’t wait to show off their skills in the swiss chard circus, but danger lurks on every tightrope and every trapeze. / Ollie and Leo try to survive the trials of the Asparagus-X obstacle course.

  • 6. Captain Avocado/Bean Raider

    When Nummy is swallowed by a whale, Ollie leads the rescue by eating avocado and gaining its powers of super smarts! / Treasure Hunter Ollie is looking for the ultimate bean treasure, but first has to overcome the many traps of Beanu Pichu.

  • 7. Dragon Tamer/Pineapple Boats

    Dragon Tamer Ollie will need the protective power of dragon fruit to survive his encounter with a giant fire-breathing Nummling-dragon. / When the Nummlings run out of wind in the middle of a sailing race, Ollie uses his pineapple lung power to give them wind - but accidentally creates a tornado.

  • 8. Strawberry Flyer/Sheriff Ollie Oats

    Ollie needs all of strawberry’s fix-it power, when a ride at the Strawberry Fair breaks and puts his sister in danger. / When bandit Nummy takes off with a bag of oatmeal cookies, it's up to Sherriff Ollie to bring her to justice!

  • 9. Garlic Fort/Deep Sea Carrot

    Ollie’s fort-building skills are put to the test when Leo accidentally destroys the Nummlings’ fort with his meatball cannon. / Deep Diver Ollie wants to break a new record for deep diving, in the carrot-apple juice ocean, but plans change when Poppy chases a funny fish with her carrot submarine.

  • 10. Banana Wizard/Pears in Space

    Wizard Ollie needs banana sleep power to put a volcano back to sleep. / Rocket Scientist Ollie needs Pear Power to retrieve an out of control pear rocket for the Nummling astronauts' first space launch.

  • 11. Hide and Spinach/Peach Pilot

    Ollie, as a bat, has to use super hearing power to save the spinach rainforest from a mystery tree eater, and find Poppy who is a little too good at hide-and-seek. / Pilot Ollie and Deliverer Poppy have to get the new peach light-bulb to the lighthouse before ships crash into the peach beach, while Nummy tries to keep the Sky Pirates off their tail!

  • 12. Cornival/Zippy Broccoli

    When a Nummling Corn Festival is threatened by an out-of-control Corn-bine Harvester Tractor, Ollie needs to eat corn and get super speed power to save the day. / Forest Ranger Ollie needs broccoli muscles to help reunite a lost Numbird with its family and escape some angry bugs in a broccoli forest.

  • 13. Yogurt Hockey Hero/Cantaloupe Cave

    When Ollie and Poppy find themselves on a frozen yogurt lake, Hockey Hero Ollie needs super yogurt muscle power to help a little Nummling with some very big problems. / Cave Explorers Ollie and Poppy attempt to spelunk their way to the centre of the cantaloupe, but Ollie won't get very far without cantaloupe glow power!

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