On the Spectrum

Three roommates on the autistic spectrum, share an apartment and cope with the world around them.

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    Three roommates on the autistic spectrum, share an apartment and cope with the world around them.

  • 1. She Sells Seashell

    Ron reluctantly goes to a job interview; Zohar is looking for love and fights with her protective brother; Amit falls for a waitress and tries to befriend her.

  • 2. Come Here, Roomba

    Asher opposes to the idea that Zohar is using a dating website. Amit is courting Lior the waitress, and a random encounter between Ron and the neighbor raises his fear and curiosity levels.

  • 3. Looking for a Welcoming Home

    A maintenance man arrives at the apartment, which causes Ron to spend some time with his neighbor. Zohar is invited to a workmate's bachelorette party. Amit decides to do something to impress Lior.

  • 4. Yes, I'm Lonely

    Ron starts working for his neighbor, but finds out that work demands something he is not willing to do. Amit gets into trouble with Lior, and Zohar finds herself on a date at her workplace.

  • 5. Make a Wish

    Asher organizes Zohar's birthday party. Ron is anxious about the party that is being planned in his house. Amit understands he cannot visit the cafe and changes his attitude towards Lior.

  • 6. Going Out

    Zohar meets Asher's girlfriend for the first time. Erez takes Amit to a Speed Date, while Ron's neighbor is trying to encourage him to go outside.doorway, and he cannot confront them.

  • 7. What Do I Feel

    A shaking event causes Ron to leave the house and deal with the life outside.

  • 8. I Don't Want to Be an Egg

    Zohar moves to live with Asher and starts a new job. Erez tries to match up a friend to Amit. Ron encounters the neighbor's daughter and finds himself interested in her.

  • 9. Neurotypical

    Zohar meets a guy she likes. Amit plans to attend a show in which Lior participates, despite having a restraining order. Ron and the neighbor's daughter find themselves in some kind of relationship.

  • 10. So Many Trees

    Zohar introduces her new boyfriend to Asher. Amit has no longer feelings for Lior because of his new love. While Ron manages to express his feelings for the first time.

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