One Leg In, One Leg Out

“Never say never, because you never know where you’re going to end up next.” Iman knows this sentiment all too well. Born with a “silver spoon in her mouth,” Iman never imagined she would have spent the past ten years as a sex worker in Toronto. But after coming out to her family as a transgender woman, she found it was her only way to survive. During her decade on the streets, Iman noticed a glaring lack of social services for “girls like her.” Seeing transgender women suffer inspired Iman to change her life. One Leg In, One Leg Out follows Iman as she takes the initial steps towards pursuing a new career as a social worker. But after meeting with a college advisor, she realizes the program requirements, time commitment and financial obligations are very different from the lifestyle she has grown accustomed to. Following Iman in her day-to-day, One Leg In, One Leg Out shows the humanity and challenges within sex work, focusing on the tension between the need to survive and the desire for change.

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