A Robot duo that are especially talented at discovering Opposites!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Oppo-Bots - Fast and Slow

    The Oppo-Bots stack their blocks in different ways!

  • 2. Oppo-Bots - In and Out

    The Oppo-Bots demonstrate In and Out!

  • 3. Oppo-Bots - Hot and Cold

    The Oopp-Bots get hot... then cold... then hot... then cold

  • 4. Oppo-Bots - Quiet and Loud

    The Oppo-Bots get loud... and quiet!

  • 5. Oppo-Bots - On and Off

    The Oppo-Bots demonstrate the difference between On and Off!

  • 6. Oppo-Bots - Daytime and Nighttime

    The Oppo-Bots "switch" between day and night!

  • 7. Oppo-Bots - Heavy and Light

    The Oppo-Bots learn the difference between heavy and light!

  • 8. Oppo-Bots - Full & Empty

    The Oppo-Bots get thirsty and learn the difference between full and empty!

  • 9. Oppo-Bots - Hungry & Full

    The Oppo-Bots learn the difference between hungry and full - hint, it involves many Carrots!!

  • 10. Oppo-Bots - Top & Bottom

    The Oppo-Bots argue over top and bottom... and then end up on the bottom!

  • 11. Oppo-Bots - Up and Down

    The Oppo-Bots get their exercise as they demonstrate the difference between up and down!

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