Overlord and the Underwoods

A half-hour comedy about a typical North American family whose lives change drastically when a distant relative moves in from another galaxy - Overlord, the 2nd-most wanted villain in the universe.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Overstaying Your Welcome

    Overlord overhears the Underwood’s plan to get rid of him and runs away, causing them to look for him just as a bounty hunter arrives. Flower tries to gather escaped animals and Jim salvages the home after Overlord trashes it.

  • 2. Overthrowing the Underscores

    Overlord decides to take on a school bully at Weaver’s school but finds he’s out of his element. Flower and Jim decide to run a three-legged race for charity but Flower’s competitive side takes over.

  • 3. Undersized

    When Jim accidentally sets off Overlord’s new shrink ray, he must pose as Overlord to get rid of a debt collector. Flower accuses Willow of taking her make-up and forces her to work at the animal shelter.

  • 4. Slime and Understanding

    To test Flower’s claim that she loves all creatures, Overlord brings home a Slugum to cause havoc at home. Weaver tags along with Willow and Danya and becomes a demanding director determined to shoot the perfect Owik-Owok video.

  • 5. Into the Underbrush

    Jim is thrilled to take the family out for their annual camping trip but when Overlord crashes, the family gets tempted by his gizmos and gadgets. RO-FL gets a nice day off and decides to run wild in the Underwoods’ home.

  • 6. Game Over!

    When movie night and game night are both canceled, Overlord puts the Underwoods in a void-like escape room while he watches a movie in peace. The Underwoods have to work together to escape the worst game night of their lives

  • 7. 3 Easy Overpayments

    Overlord demands money from Flower and Jim to buy a fancy new blender. When he’s turned down, he has to find ways to make the cash on his own. The results are disastrous! Jim and Flower take a meditation retreat at a new spa.

  • 8. Not Under My Roof!

    Willow starts dating, to Overlord’s chagrin. He doesn’t think this boy is good enough for his cousin. Weaver, meanwhile, thinks Bebe has a crush on him. Flower deals with a rocky day of her own.

  • 9. 13 Going on Overlord

    Weaver’s 13th birthday takes a dramatic turn when Overlord hijacks one of his gifts - a DNA test kit. With the threat of Overlord’s DNA being discovered, the family has to work together to keep his existence under wraps.

  • 10. Undercover LARP

    Overlord finds his place with a group of Live Action Role Players and rises to become their leader! Meanwhile, Flower and Jim won’t allow Willow to use the car until she passes their own bizarre tests.

  • 11. Overshooters

    When Willow’s girls’ soccer team is overlooked, Overlord decides to get involved - for the other team. Flower takes it upon herself to get R0-FL to follow her own interests independent of Overlord, but the plans go awry.

  • 12. Overdue Update

    After Jim errantly accepts a system update on R0-FL she becomes his assistant and stops at nothing to make sure he accomplishes the task of relaxing. Overlord, meanwhile, hires his nemesis Petey to be his assistant.

  • 13. Overexposed

    The Underwoods look forward to taking their yearly family portrait without Overlord, but their cousin goes to extreme efforts to get in the picture. Willow tries to impress the cool girls.

  • 14. Family Over Frabjleplarm

    Overlord is battling homesickness, so the Underwoods agree to celebrate his favourite space holiday. Unbeknownst to them, however, the day always ends with a cruel twist of fate.

  • 15. Overpiece Theatre

    Overlord helps Weaver with morning announcements and uses the opportunity to hypnotize the adults at school. Jim drags an unwilling Willow to ‘Bring Your Daughter to Work Day’. Flower has trouble letting an adorable hedgehog go.

  • 16. Overlock Holmes and the Undercooked Pie

    Jim and Flower throw a dinner party to impress Jim’s boss. When the dessert goes missing, Overlord becomes the prime suspect. He now must solve the mystery of the missing pie in order to clear his good name.

  • 17. Do-Over and Over and Over

    The Underwoods all have terrible days, so Overlord offers them a shot at re-doing the day with a device he owns. They use it over and over hoping to perfect the day. What they don’t realize is they’re pawns in Overlord’s game.

  • 18. Under the Sea Land

    Weaver is assigned a school project about a person he admires. When he chooses Flower, Overlord becomes jealous and tries to diminish her reputation in her son’s eyes. Willow feels left out when River gets along great with Jim.

  • 19. One Year Over-versary

    When Overlord enlists the family to look for an object he misplaced one year ago, he leads the Underwoods to recount the first day he arrived at their home. In the flashbacks, Jim tries to impress his parents at dinner.

  • 20. Over the Moon

    Overlord carelessness puts the family in danger, leading to the ultimate test of his moral compass. Meanwhile, Willow tries to post the perfect verified social media post and Weaver attempts to finally put his stories on film.

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