People Just Do Nothing

Spinning old-school beats is just another day at the office for the naive DJs of a West London pirate radio station who juggle family life with their passion.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Secret Location

    Kurupt FM's secret location is threatened after complaints about noise from the neighbour. The crew call on local entrepreneur Chabuddy G to help them find a soundproofing solution.

  • 2. Competition

    Kurupt FM is running their weekly caller competition and MC Grindah has a special surprise in store for the winner. Meanwhile, Chabuddy G's wife Aldona has her Polish brother to stay.

  • 3. Angel's Birthday

    Grindah is preparing a special party to celebrate Angel's fifth birthday but doesn’t know where to start.

  • 4. The Website

    Plans are being made for a Kurupt FM website, with the crew calling on the internet expertise of Chabuddy G. Meanwhile, Grindah's girlfriend Miche is struggling to fill time as Angel starts school.

  • 5. The Godfather

    Its Angel’s christening and Grindah is contemplating his choice of Godfather, with Beats and Decoy in the running. Meanwhile, Chabuddy G prepares souvenir t-shirts for the big day.

  • 6. Responsibility

    Miche starts her new trial job at a salon, meaning Grindah is on babysitting duties.

  • 7. Weed Drought

    Grindah and Beats find themselves in the midst of a weed drought and decide to take matters into their own hands.

  • 8. Promotion

    Chabuddy prepares for his latest business venture and Grindah has a big announcement for Miche. Meanwhile, Beats takes Craig on a father and son fishing trip.

  • 9. Clubnight

    It’s the opening night of Chabuddy’s new club, the Champagne Steam Rooms. The Kurupt FM crew prepare for their headliner set while Miche sweats over a life changing decision.

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