When the city sleeps, Connor, Amaya and Greg’s pajamas magically transform and the kids become superheroes – here comes Catboy, Owlette and Gekko!  Watch out nighttime baddies – the PJ Masks are on their way, into the night to save the day!

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Episodes Season 2

  • PJ Power-Up

    PJ Robot stumbles onto a part of HQ that gives the PJs cool new powers which they'll need to stop Luna Girl and Night Ninja.

    Leaving in 1 day

  • Moonstruck Pt. 1 Race to the Moon

    As the PJM lift off to the moon to prevent Luna Girl from improving her Luna Magnet powers thanks to the harvest moon, Gekko is afraid of the unknown and fears to go to space.

    Leaving in 2 days

  • Moonstruck Pt. 2 Lunar Fortress

    While Catboy and Owlette tried to stop Luna Girl from improving her powers in space, they got imprisoned and can only rely on Gekko, who stayed at their spaceship.

    Leaving in 3 days

  • Easter Wolfies

    While Catboy and Owlette try to prevent the Wolfy Kids from stealing the chocolate eggs for the next morning's hunt, Gekko is supposed to guard the eggs but is very tempted to taste them.

    Leaving in 5 days

  • Bounce-A-Tron

    After he tripped on a blob, Catboy wants to prove he is great by stopping Night Ninja - who stole Romeo's Bounce-a-lot-Machine to transform Stick Splats into Bouncy Splats - on his own.

    Leaving in 6 days

  • Wacky Floats

    Night Ninja and Romeo allied themselves to take over the world thanks to the floats Night Ninja stole for Romeo to transform them into robots and Gekko wants to save his favorite float.

    Leaving in 7 days

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