Puppy School

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Every year, almost a million of us enjoy the fun and excitement of getting a puppy - but they don’t come with instructions and puppy parenthood can be hard work. Now, help is at hand, at Channel 4’s unique pop-up Puppy School, set against the spectacular backdrop of Chatsworth House, and run by three of the U.K.’s leading dog experts: Oli Juste, Katie Patmore, and Hannah Molloy.

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  • 1. Episode 1

    In this opening episode, Hannah and Jack have just moved in together and bouncy Labrador Reuben is their practice baby. But with differing parenting styles, the Middlesbrough couple are finding Reuben more of a handful than they’d imagined.

  • 2. Episode 2

    Dinah from Birmingham received Pomeranian puppy Bambi as a present from boyfriend Sonny to lift her spirits after her MS diagnosis. But Dinah is so protective of her precious pint-sized pup, Sonny isn’t getting a look-in. At Puppy School she must learn to trust that Sonny will care for both of them.

  • 3. Episode 3

    With four children under four years old, life is hectic for Ella from Cambridgeshire. Now she has Luna as well, a boisterous Labrador puppy proving hard to control. Ella hopes Luna will help her with her anxiety issues, but has her work cut out at Puppy School.

  • 4. Episode 4

    Kerri from Cheshire has limited mobility and wants an assistance dog. The Puppy School trainers are concerned that her choice of breed is going to be a challenge - Galaxy is a tiny French Bulldog-Pug cross. But Kerri is determined to train her ‘Frug’ well – starting with not eating her medication, which could be fatal.

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