After discovering that a small but powerful clique within his Old Order Mennonite community are part of an international cocaine smuggling ring, newly appointed pastor Noah Funk must make a decision.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Ordination

    Under pressure from his congregation, Noah takes matters into his own hands to ensure that Gerry Epp and his drug dealing crew go to jail.

  • 2. The Signing

    Forced to join the Mennonite Mob, Noah makes the decision to destroy it from within. At the same time he must help a plane loaded with cocaine-packed cheese wheels land safely.

  • 3. As One

    With Anna’s help Noah must find a way to raise the drug plane from a lake that doesn’t compromise his position with his congregation or with the ruthless leader of the Mob – Eli Voss.

  • 4. Funeral

    Noah and Anna must find a way to dispose of four dead bodies at the same time as they devise a trap for Eli Voss.

  • 5. Communion

    Noah’s attempt to trap Voss backfires when the Mob leader uses the ruse to turn the tables on his nemesis DEA Special Agent Phoebe O’Reilly.

  • 6. Baptism

    Forced to choose between his beliefs or his life, Noah crosses the ultimate moral line in his showdown with Eli Voss.

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