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PUSH takes audiences into the inner world of the “Wheelie Peeps,” an unlikely group of friends and wheelchair users, bonded by their shared experience of navigating life on wheels.

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    Push takes you inside and intimate with a very special disabled group in Edmonton who have coined themselves the “Wheelie Peeps;” a group of friends, working people, advocates, and newbies who found support through acceptance, knowledge, and one big ambition - to live life to the fullest.

  • 1. Rebirths!

    It’s Bean’s 10th ReBirthday. As the Wheelie Peeps protest funding cuts, Brian and Vic celebrate their first anniversary.

  • 2. First Comes Love then Come Babies

    Tash faces a big decision as she prepares to be the first quad mom of the Wheelie Peeps. Bean starts to date someone new.

  • 3. Fight or Flight

    Aleem’s plan for a culinary masterpiece hits a roadblock, Bean takes on a speaking gig with the Edmonton Police Service.

  • 4. Make it or Break it

    Relationship drama finds Bean as the Wheelie Peeps bring it to the runway, Brian says a hard goodbye to a past life.

  • 5. Mother-F*ing-hood

    Tash faces challenges at home with baby Tayo. Britt takes the family to an amusement park and plans a risqué YouTube tutorial.

  • 6. Out of Tune

    Riccardo tests his new piano pedal invention in preparation for a big concert, a medical emergency scares Brian and Vic.

  • 7. Crescendo

    As Brian prepares for surgery, he and Vic consider the future of their relationship, Riccardo’s piano concert approaches.

  • 8. What Happens in Vegas…

    Bean heads to Las Vegas confronting her past, while Vic makes an important connection, Brian recovers from surgery.

  • 101. Dinner with the Wheelie Peeps (Bonus Episode)

    On Bean’s 10th ReBirthday, the Wheelie Peeps gather for food, drinks, and some raw and real conversation.

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