Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness

Join actor, humanitarian, and documentarian Ravi Patel on a trip around the world as he investigates societal norms in search of answers to some of life's most pressing questions.

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  • 1. Growing Old in Mexico

    Traveling to Merida, Mexico - Ravi and his parents take a tour of the "good life" with the help of local retired expats who prompt them to reimagine the decades to come.

  • 2. Overparenting in Japan

    Ravi and his wife Mahaley visit Japan in hopes of finding that elusive balance between parenting and overparenting so they can be better equipped to raise their young daughter.

  • 3. Work Hard Play Hard in South Korea

    Ravi and his entrepreneur friend Matt Pohlson travel to South Korea to see if workaholism is a mindset that can be changed, or something they'll have to contend with forever.

  • 4. Immigrants and the Border in Denmark

    Ravi travels to Denmark, where attitudes toward immigration are as divided as they are in the States.

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