Remy & Boo

A unique friendship between a little girl named Remy and an incredible robot called Boo. REMY is an adventurous six-year-old girl with a unique best friend, BOO, a big, squishy, pink robot. Fueled by Remy’s indomitable spirit and Boo’s can-do attitude, their days in Dolphin Bay are filled with new adventures both big and small powered by two incredible imaginations.

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    A unique friendship between an adventurous little girl named Remy and an incredible robot called Boo.

  • 1. Invisi-Boo

    Boo has trouble playing games with Remy and her friends until Remy tells him to do whatever he can to stay hidden during a game of hide-and-seek and Boo turns out to be the best hider ever!

  • 2. The Snicklehoot

    Remy, Boo and their friend Mia go camping with Dad and keep an eye out for the legendary Snicklehoot and discover that sometimes your imagination can get the best of you, especially in the dark.

  • 3. Fixer Upper Boo Boo

    Boo develops a technical glitch and Remy jumps to action to fix him, but she only makes matters worse when she doesn't wait for help to arrive!

  • 4. Remy the Brave

    Remy is determined not to be the only kid who hasn't gone down the legendary Slippery Eel, the biggest, tallest slide in town.

  • 5. Lost and Found

    While looking for Remy's lost magnifying glass at the beach, Boo helps Remy find all sorts of little treasures, and they discover that it's best to return something that you've found.

  • 6. Best Song Ever

    Remy is determined to write a very special song for Mom and realizes how difficult it is until she discovers that you can be inspired by anything you see and hear.

  • 7. Midnight Snuzzle

    Remy and Boo to try to stay awake for the meteor shower, but discover that even robots need to power down and recharge.

  • 8. Boo-Dazzled

    After Remy commends Boo’s added smiley touch to their painted mailbox, Boo plasters his happy face all over town and discovers the importance of asking for permission.

  • 9. The Voice

    Nikhil is afraid to perform at the Dolphin Bay talent show but Remy and Boo help him discover that you can achieve anything when you work together.

  • 10. Boo and Cutesu

    Remy fawns over Mia’s adorable toy and Boo grows jealous of it until he discovers that there’s nothing stronger than a bond between best friends.

  • 11. The Giveaway

    When Remy packs-up her old toys and clothes to be donated, Boo learns that giving is a gift, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

  • 12. Seals on Wheels

    Remy goes to bike camp to learn how to ride her bike but she becomes discouraged when she doesn’t pick it up as quickly as her friends.

  • 13. Boo Lights the Way

    When a big storm shuts the power down throughout town, Remy and Boo muster the courage to help Poppy reach the lighthouse and guide Skipper Jack home.

  • 14. Handy Helpers

    When Mr. Crabbins pulls his back prepping his garden for a big gardening competition, Remy and Boo jump in to lend him a helping hand (with a style all their own)

  • 15. Empress Uniboo The Space Pirate

    Remy, Mia, and Nikhil are playing their own separate imagination games, and all want Boo to join in! But the friends are unaware that their competing demands are pulling Boo in too many directions at once.

  • 16. My Side, Your Side

    An intense game of Tippy Tippy Towers causes Remy and Boo to stop playing together and they draw a line, agreeing to stay apart.

  • 17. Picture This

    While taking marine wildlife photos for the museum, Remy helps Boo learn to be quiet and still so he can get the perfect picture.

  • 18. You Do You, Boo

    When Remy's cousin shows up for a much anticipated visit, Remy realizes that she has changed so she and Boo try everything they can to connect with her.

  • 19. Family Photo

    Remy insists that Boo has to stay perfectly clean for a family photo, but Boo constantly wants to help everybody in ways that could get him dirty.

  • 20. Special Boo-livery

    When Remy rushes out the door to get to the museum’s art camp to unveil her special painting, Boo discovers that she left it at home! It’s all up to Boo to deliver the painting to the museum.

  • 21. How to Call a Narwhal

    After spotting a rare narwhal from the lighthouse, Remy and Boo want to show it to Poppy so they try everything they can think of to get the narwhal to approach the shore.

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