What if you could repeat the most important day of your life until you perfected every moment? Receiving her one birthday wish, Allison Lee gets more than she asked for when she's stuck repeating an epic 25th birthday bash that just went down in flames.

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  • 1. Play The Hits

    If Allison can impress the two biggest club bookers from Vegas with her new track, all the shortcuts she’s made will pay off. But when her birthday party and her friendships implode all around her, she wishes for another chance.

  • 2. Day 2 - Don’t Repeat Repeat Yourself

    Allison starts to think yesterday must have just been a stress dream. There’s no way a day could ever really go down in flames like that.

  • 3. Day 3 - No Shortcuts

    Allison is determined to figure out what exactly is going on, so she does what we all do when we’re confused: Google it. She meets ‘National Karate Champion Randy Mills’ who claims to have also repeated his birthday.

  • 4. Day 4 - Only The Bangers

    Allison wakes up with Nate by her side again but this time he remembers last night! Allison and Sasha make a plan to tackle all the “hypothetical” things that might go wrong at the party.

  • 5. Day 5 - It’s Never Too Loud

    Allison and Sasha invite their only neighbor-Kathy, a lonely kindergarten teacher, to keep her from calling the police on them. Instead, Kathy turns the party into strange adult playtime with face paint and three-legged races.

  • 6. Day 6 - Friends For The Bottle Service

    After explaining everything to Rodriguez, Allison convinces him to bring her on a ride along. She’ll help him solve crimes that have already happened, and he’ll help her finally figure out who’s been sabotaging her party.

  • 7. Day 7 & 8 - I’m On The List

    After last night’s events, Rodriguez orders Allison and Nate to stay put by handcuffing them to the bed. The next day, Allison repurposes the party as an obstacle course to keep Rodriguez from catching them.

  • 8. Day 9-13 - Match Your Beats

    Allison and Sasha wake up with Nate’s body.

  • 9. Day 13 - Don’t Invite Your Ex

    Allison gets back together with Brent and starts to think that he’s right about her DJ “career." Sasha gets back together with Marissa to keep her from calling the cops, and Nate goes on a very awkward double date.

  • 10. Day 13-17 - No Requests

    Allison is knee-deep in a Brenthole. She discovers that he may have horrific taste in music and has to test it in front of a crowd to be sure. Maybe she was wrong to have quit DJ’ing?

  • 11. Day 18-19 - Too Many People In The DJ Booth

    Sven and Sophie’s deplorable behavior drives Sasha to want to leave, so to keep her there, Allison gets Sven and Sophie to give Sasha and Nate whatever they want.

  • 12. Day 20-25 - Know Your Sound

    Sasha and Nate have both been seduced by their own vices. As Allison’s final replays approach, she’s faced with a choice: get everything she wants but lose her friends forever, or return to square one.

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