Revenge of the Black Best Friend

Revenge of the Black Best Friend follows Dr. Toni Shakur, a self-help guru whose mission is to cancel the entertainment industry’s reliance on token Black characters…before she gets cancelled herself.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Sassy Black Best Friend

    Dr. Toni Shakur advertises her latest book in a ‘90s style infomercial and uses two case studies to illustrate how she would rewrite the stereotype of the sassy Black best friend.

  • 2. I Swear I’m In This

    In an episode of her recently syndicated talk show, Dr. Toni Shakur reveals to a Black actor that he has been cut from his new film and gives him a chance to confront the director who gave him the axe

  • 3. The One Who Dies First

    Phil is a Black actor on the set of a horror film who realizes a terrible truth: he’s “the guy who dies first.” Dr. Toni Shakur helps him resist the stereotype that requires his imminent death.

  • 4. Never the Hero

    Dr. Toni Shakur pitches a new series about a super squad of former sidekicks.

  • 5. Thug Race

    Dr. Toni Shakur is a guest judge on a reality tv show called Thug Race, where Black actors compete to determine who can play the most convincing “thug” and secure a speaking role in an upcoming film.

  • 6. Cancelled

    A high profile actress releases a video exposing the ways Dr. Toni Shakur has exploited Black actors and capitalised on racism in film and TV. Even worse, now she has been cancelled on Black Twitter.

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