Haunted by the past, a flawed but brilliant criminal profiler investigates a string of brutal murders committed by a serial killer amongst the sugarcane fields of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Episode 1

    Criminal profiler Reyka is summoned to a hearing to approve an abductor's parole application to be set free after twenty years of incarceration.

  • 2. Episode 2

    Reyka and the police investigate the six decomposed bodies found in the cane fields.

  • 3. Episode 3

    Reyka and her team investigate links between Macingwane and the Msomi royal household, and it starts to feel as though everyone in the region has links to the dead bodies.

  • 4. Episode 4

    A soil sample taken from the cane fields and it's disappearance starts to draw suspicion onto the police team and especially their boss, Hector Zwane.

  • 5. Episode 5

    Nandi is attacked by the killer and is a hair breath away from losing her life.

  • 6. Episode 6

    Reyka and Samuel are filled with guilt as they start to piece together links between a new harrowing incident and their cane filed killer case.

  • 7. Episode 7

    Reyka re-enacts the shooting of Soda and is shocked to discover that all the evidence leads back to one suspect close to her.

  • 8. Episode 8

    Reyka is captured by a ruthless serial killer who is about to play out his murderous MO on her.

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