Beka is a cheerful robot who, with the help of her dogbot Bubo and all the tools in her Robotik Lab, discovers inventive solutions for friends-in-need.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Tulips

    A robot finds moving hard in a garden. Beka invents a way for the robot to tiptoe close to a flowerbot.

  • 2. Light House

    A robot can't harvest lightbulbs from a tree. Beka discovers that the simplest way is often the best.

  • 3. Need a Hand

    Beka builds a pair of giant robot gloves that allow two robots to play Pat-A-Cake together.

  • 4. Poor Stiff

    Rosebot is too tall for a ride at the fairground. Beka invents a way for Rosebot to be small or tall.

  • 5. See The Light

    The sun is too bright for play outside. Beka watches Bubo find shade and designs a Robotik solution.

  • 6. Windows

    Beka's creation with suction cups helps Washbot to clean a tall building with lots of windows.

  • 7. A Hole Matey

    Fishbots need help, but Piratebot’s arms are too short. Beka’s invention helps with a rescue.

  • 8. Bee Yourself

    Beka uses tools to repair a robot who fell. Bubo and a beetlebot inspires Beka to replace a ladder.

  • 9. Groove

    Beka upgrades Dancebot's speakers and shares Bubo's favorite song to start a robot dance party.

  • 10. Expanding Headband

    Musicbot can't reach all the keyboards. Beka inspires a springy solution and a catchy new song.

  • 11. Taking Air

    Littlebot's kite won’t fly. Beka is inspired to build a robo-fan-pack that creates wind to fly the kite.

  • 12. Going Steady

    A robot with a broken camera inspires Beka to invent a way to take a great picture on a rough path.

  • 13. Keep it Together

    Beka's invention helps Mamma duckbot get all her ducklingbots in a row.

  • 14. Fish Out of Water

    Beka's floating experiments inspire a solution that helps Jacquesbot 'swim' though the air.

  • 15. One Luv

    Beka's help for a single tennis robot doesn’t work until clues from Bubo reveals to another player nearby.

  • 16. New Heights

    Beka is inspired by butterfly wings to invent a way for Artbot to finish painting a large masterpiece.

  • 17. Hitch your Wagon

    Beka uses her tools to fix Bluebot's broken foot while dogbots get tired out playing in the Robotik Lab.

  • 18. Surprise

    Beka buffs and shines up a robot for a party and then finds a hat and a bowtie to complete the look.

  • 19. Buddy System

    Two robots miss their bus. Beka creates a magnet belt. Now the smaller robot can be carried in a hurry.

  • 20. The Switch

    Tinybot can't turn off the light for nap time. Beka's invention turns off the switch from bed.

  • 21. Careful Now

    Beka builds high-visibility stop arms that SafetyBot uses to make a road crossing safe.

  • 22. GlowPops

    The GlowPop truck is broken. Beka fixes it, but Bubo has a few too many of his favorite treats.

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