Rock n' Roll Rhymes

Rock out with Cottonball and her Studio K friends as she reimagines classic nursery rhymes in the style of musical legends like Freddie Mercury, Ariana Grande, and Prince.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 7. Five Little Ducks | Avril Lavigne

    Cottonball and Janaye try not to get too "complicated" in this punk rock rhyme!

  • 8. Hokey Pokey | Stevie Wonder

    Cottonball and Janaye turn it right around with this groovin' rendition of the Hokey Pokey!

  • 9. Hickory Dickory Dock | Beastie Boys

    Cottonball, Tony and Janaye rap it out Hickory Dickory Dock style!

  • 10. Do Your Ears Hang Low | Bruno Mars

    Tony and Cottonball want to know: Do your ears hang low? And Funky????

  • 11. This Old Man | Whitney Houston

    Cottonball and Janaye let out their inner diva to sing about an old man, and their shoes!!

  • 12. Old Macdonald | Johnny Cash

    Tony and Cottonball "cash" in with this rockin' rendition of "Old Macdonald!

  • 13. Here We Go Looby Loo | Chuck Berry

    Have some old school fun with Tony and Cottonball as they sing Here We Go Looby Loo in the style of Mr. Chuck Berry!

  • 14. Hey Diddle Diddle | The Rolling Stones

    Hey Hey Hey! Rock out with Tony and Cottonball in the style of The Rolling Stones!

  • 15. Rock a Bye Bye Bye | NSYNC

    Tony, Janaye, and Cottonball bring back the 2000's with this classic boy band hit.

  • 16. Hokey Pokey | Taylor Swift

    Cottonball and Janaye are in their Taylor Swift Era! Put on your best outfit and dance the Hokey Pokey!

  • 17. Mr. Golden Sun | Harry Styles

    Bask in the Golden Sun with Tony and Cottonball, as they are inspired by Harry Styles to sing this classic nursery rhyme.

  • 18. Humpty Dumpty | Bonnie Tyler

    Humpty Dumpty is holding out for a Hero - watch Tony and Cottonball sing about it!

  • 19. Once I Caught a Fish | Lizzo

    Janaye and Cottonball channel Lizzo in this nursery rhyme, pop hit mashup.

  • 20. Down By The Bay | Eurythmics

    Feel the Eurythm with Janaye and Cottonball in this reimagining of a classic nursery rhyme.

  • 21. Mary Mary Quite Contrary | Meghan Trainor

    Cottonball and Janaye get all about the bass in this Megan Trainor inspired banger!

  • 22. Star Light Star Bright | Jennifer Lopez

    Cottonball and Janaye do their best JLO in this sweet rhyme!

  • 23. Wheels on the Bus | Weird Al

    Things get whacky as Tony and Cottonball channel Weird Al in this rockin' rhyme!

  • 24. A Tisket A Tasket | Bob Dylan

    How many tiskets in a tasket? The answer is blowin' in the wind as Tony and Cottonball do their best Bob Dylan!

  • 25. If You're Happy and You Know It | No Doubt

    There's No Doubt about it, Cottonball and Janaye are happy.

  • 26. Pop Goes the Weasel | Black Eyed Peas

    Tony and Cottonball get loud in this poppy (literally) Black Eyed Peas tribute.

  • 27. Little Boy Blue | Neil Young

    Cottonball and Tony go looking for a harvest moon, and some sheep in this Neil Young inspired rhyme!

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