Rusty Rivets

Rusty Rivets, a 10 year old inventing genius, is ready to COMBINE and DESIGN all of the pieces and parts in his junk-yard into incredible MACHINES to SAVE THE DAY!

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Rusty's Rex Rescue

    When Liam gets trapped atop a tall stack of junk with his stuffed dinosaur, Rusty designs a Jurassic rescue.

  • 2. Rusty's Park N'Fly

    When Mr. Higgins' remote control plane won't land, Rusty and the gang must bring it down safely - using Crush as a daredevil rescue pilot hero!

  • 3. Rusty's Ski Trip Blip

    Rusty and the gang's ski trip is thwarted by a massive rock pile on the way to Planner’s Peak.

  • 4. Rusty and the Camp Bandit

    Rusty and Ruby earn their camping badges by rescuing a trapped opossum.

  • 5. Rusty's Penguin Problem

    Rusty and the gang must get some penguins to the Nature Park on the hottest day of the year.

  • 6. Rusty's Sand Castle Hassle

    When Liam enters a sand-castle building contest and loses his elaborate plans to a thieving seagull, Rusty and Ruby must find a way to get them back before the contest deadline.

  • 7. Rusty Rocks

    With help from Rusty and the Bits, Ruby performs at the Sparkton Hills Talent Show.

  • 8. Rusty's Balloon Blast

    When Liam accidentally launches a giant helium balloon with him in the basket beneath - Rusty and Ruby must find a way to bring him down gently before a storm hits.

  • 9. Rusty Dives In

    When Ruby's tablet winds up at the bottom of the lake, Rusty dives in to save the day.

  • 10. Rusty Big Top Trouble

    The circus is coming - but when the engine fails on the circus train, Rusty must figure out how to get it back on track in time for opening night.

  • 11. Rusty Marks the Spot

    When Rusty finds an old pirate's map, he and the gang dig up a lot more than treasure.

  • 12. Rusty Bits on the Fritz

    When the Bits wander into Rusty's parts replicator, the gang winds up withmore bits than they bargained for.

  • 13. Rusty Digs In

    When the key to the city goes missing, everyone assumes Botasaur buried it. But it isn't long until they dig up the truth.

  • 14. Rusty's Brave Cave Save

    When Sammy gets trapped in a cave while spelunking, Rusty saves the day with a big idea inspired by a small creature.

  • 15. Rusty Goes Bananas

    When the mischevious monkeys escape from their Animal Park enclosure, Rusty must find a way to lead them back.

  • 16. Rusty's Night Lights

    When the town's power goes out after Ruby takes Crush up for a fun plane flight, there's no light on the ground to help them land.

  • 17. Rusty's Bit In The Woods

    When Crush wanders off and gets lost, Rusty invents a night flyer to find him in the dark.

  • 18. Rusty's Stuffy Toughy

    When Liam loses his stuffy out the train window, Rusty goes on a retrieval mission using a mechanical spider suit to climb up under the trestle and drop down like a spider to get it.

  • 19. Rusty's Nest Friend Forever

    When a rare bird builds his nest in a dangerous location and can't be persuaded to move, Rusty and the gang rebuild his habitat.

  • 20. Rusty's Flingbot

    Rusty and Ruby build a cupcake flinging machine that goes out of control.

  • 21. Rusty' s Space Bit

    When the Bits find a satellite crashed in the scrapyard, Rusty has to find a way to get the satellite bit back home to space!

  • 22. Rusty and the Sneezing Fish

    Rusty and the gang must move a sick fish to the Nature Park for treatment.

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