Scout & The Gumboot Kids

Scout, an eccentric mouse devises a nature mystery and encourages children to go outside, get their hands dirty and solve a nature mystery.

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Episodes Season 3

  • 1. The See-through Stone

    While out on a walk, Scout discovers a rock that is see-through. But how can rocks be see-through? As Scout and the Gumboot Kids work on this mystery, they discover that rocks can come in different colours.

  • 2. The Friendly Sweater-maker

    After a long walk, Scout is grateful for his warm sweater! But where did it come from? The Gumboot Kids use several different senses to find the friendly sweater-maker.

  • 3. The Field of Gifts

    After receiving a gift from a friend, Scout sends the Gumboot Kids to a field to find a plant that gives gifts. But how can a plant give gifts?

  • 4. The Dusty Bathers

    While on his morning walk, Scout discovers an animal bathing in the dust. What could it be? The Gumboot Kids venture into a range to find the dusty bathers.

  • 5. The Prickly Vegetable

    In some places, it is very hot and dry. Scout finds a prickly vegetable. What is it? The Gumboot Kids travel to a desert to solve this mystery.

  • 6. The Knocking Neighbour

    Scout is woken up from his nap by a knocking neighbour. What could it be? The Gumboot Kids will have to look closely at the trees in the forest to find the answer.

  • 7. The Happy Hummer

    Scout meets a creature that spits when it’s mad and hums when it’s happy! What kind of animal could this happy hummer be? The Gumboot Kids will soon learn that there are many ways this creature can express itself and that it is important to communicate how each of us feel.

  • 8. The Sugary Tree

    Scout has a sweet treat prepared for Daisy. He got it from the sugary tree. But how can a tree be sugary? The Gumboot Kids follow Scout’s clues to answer that question and savour the journey of discovery.

  • 9. The Story Rock

    While in a valley, Scout unearths a story rock and sends the Gumboot Kids to figure out what it is. After putting the clues together, the Gumboot Kids discover that nature has marvellous stories to share if they’re willing to dig for it!

  • 10. The Lucky Glitter

    After discovering some lucky glitter, Scout sends the Gumboot Kids to find out what it is. They will have to use diligence and perseverance if they are going to find the reward they seek on this adventure.

  • 11. The Soothing Shrub

    Scout finds a plant that makes him feel calm. The Gumboot Kids set out to find this soothing shrub and soon learn that nature has a way of helping us through our sense of smell.

  • 12. The Mooing Milkshake-maker

    Scout comes back from a farm after meeting a mooing milkshake maker. What is it? The Gumboot Kids put the clues together and learn that these milkshake-makers are unique, just like them.

  • 13. The Magic Mud

    While on a walk, Scout comes across magic mud. He sends the Gumboot Kids on an adventure to find this mud and the Gumboot Kids discover how creative they can be when they don’t have to worry about getting dirty.

  • 14. The Upstream Swimmer

    While on a nature walk, Scout discovers an upstream swimmer. Armed with three clues, the Gumboot Kids go searching for this inspiring animal.

  • 15. The Crackling Sky

    Scout sees a cracking sky. With three clues, the Gumboot Kids look for the source of this mysterious flash in the sky.

  • 16. The Blissful Back Swimmers

    After seeing blissful back swimmers, Scout sends the Gumboot Kids onto a boat to look for them.

  • 17. The Swooping Sandwich-snatcher

    Scout and Daisy’s picnic gets interrupted by a swooping sandwich-snatcher. What could have snatched their food? The Gumboot Kids set out to find the answer and learn a few things about feeding animals along the way!

  • 18. The Masked Mischief Maker

    Scout sends the Gumboot Kids to find the masked mischief maker. What could it be? They soon learn that creatures sometimes do things that bother us, but often, are just trying to feed their families.

  • 19. The Singing Ocean

    While walking along the beach, Scout hears what sounds like the ocean singing. How could the ocean be singing? The Gumboot Kids must get on a boat to solve this mystery!

  • 20. The Underground River

    While exploring in nature, Scout discovers an underground river! But how can a river run underground? The Gumboot Kids will have to bring their flashlights if they are going to solve this mystery.

  • 21. It’s Christmas time with the Gumboot Kids!

    Come join Scout and Daisy celebrating the joy and wonder of this festive time of the year. This episode features an original Christmas song by Jessie Farrell.

  • 22. A Valentine Poem

    Happy Valentines Day! Let’s celebrate kindness, friendship and working together with Scout, Daisy and the Gumboot Kids. Featuring Jessie Farrell’s catchy tune, My Valentine (Will You Be Mine?)

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