Scout & The Gumboot Kids

Scout, an eccentric mouse devises a nature mystery and encourages children to go outside, get their hands dirty and solve a nature mystery.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Case of the Buzzing Sweet Maker

    After picking up a sweet treat from the farmers market, Scout sends the Gumboot Kids to explore a meadow that’s abuzz with activity.

  • 2. The Case of the Disappearing Castle

    After returning home from a walk on the beach, Scout sends The Gumboot Kids to investigate the disappearance of a sandcastle.

  • 3. The Case of the Four Legged Kid

    After visiting a neighbour's farm, Scout sends the Gumboot Kids to a barnyard to find an animal with hooves and horns. But where's the four legged kid?

  • 4. The Case of the Hidden Snack

    After harvesting tasty treats from his vegetable garden, Scout helps the Gumboot Kids discover a delicious snack that's hidden away.

  • 5. The Case of the Polkadot Gardener

    After a morning of pulling weeds and planting seeds, Scout gives the Gumboot Kids three clues to help them discover how a polkadot gardener helps his garden grow. The Gumboot Kids will have to work together to solve this nature mystery.

  • 6. The Case of the Scattered Sketches

    The Gumboot Kids help Scout to investigate what caused his sketches to scatter all over the floor. They'll have to use their ears and listen carefully to solve this nature mystery.

  • 7. The Case of the Soft Rock

    After finding a comfy place to rest after a long nature walk, Scout sends the Gumboot Kids to a forest to find out how something wet and spongy can make a rock soft. As they work to solve the mystery they discover that the forest is full of different texture.

  • 8. The Case of the Tiny Moving House

    With Scouts help, the Gumboot Kids follow a slimy trail that leads them to a tiny moving house. They learn that slowing down and being patient is sometimes the best way to get where you need to go.

  • 9. The Case of the Upside Down

    Scout spots an upside down smile through his window on a rainy day, and sends the Gumboot Kids to investigate what it could be.

  • 10. The Case of the Flying Raincoat

    Inspired by a walk in the rain, Scout gives the Gumboot Kids three clues to help them discover how one of our feathered friends keeps dry. The Gumboot Kids learn to observe the weather and to dress properly for any nature adventure.

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