Shitty Boyfriends

Amanda is a talented cartoonist and ardent feminist with a problem. She’s fortunate enough to intern at her dream company - a hip, up-and-coming animation house, populated by talented millennials - so she assumes her career will fall into place somehow, eventually. But the only thing she can focus on is figuring out how to find her perfect guy. Unfortunately for Amanda, she ends up dating one shitty guy after another and struggles to learn lessons from her failed romances that will help her navigate future relationships.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Better Off Alone

    Amanda reflects on her past Valentine's Day date and realizes a very important lesson about her dating life, sometimes it's better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. Her best friend Lyric supports her in coming to this conclusion. Amanda's boss Kathy gives Amanda some encouraging career advice.

  • 2. Love at First Sight

    Ready to make some magic happen in her life, Amanda signs up for magic classes and is surprised to meet a charming young man in the class. She decides to "go with the flow" and in a whirlwind night winds up finding herself in a "relationship" with this guy in only 24 hours.

  • 3. The Moment Bless Him

    Amanda meets Tom, a guy who she thinks can really improve her life and overall health. He's a vegan for one, and more importantly, he never gets angry. She wrestles with whether or not she should accept his new lifestyle into her own life until she sees more of the dirty truths of what life with him is like.

  • 4. Know Your Limitations

    Amanda finally dates Richard, a m​ature ​older man with a r​eal​ job. She enjoys the sophistication of her new lifestyle and tries to keep up with his interests until she finally comes to terms with what their age difference actually entails.

  • 5. Friends First

    Fed up with dating, and especially discouraged by tough advice from Kathy, Amanda falls into the arms of her work­friend Braden, who seems to be taking a new interest in her. Isn't that how things always go anyway? You end up with one of your best friends? Determined to keep her open­mind, Amanda pursues the romance angle with Braden.

  • 6. The Tony Trilogy: A New Hope

    Amanda takes Lyric to the gynecologist, having officially, for real this time, given up on dating. She's going to focus on her friends. Except for the fact that she meets a cute guy in ​the gyno's office. Amanda is reluctant at first but finally decides to give him a chance. Kathy gives Amanda a new opportunity.

  • 7. The Tony Trilogy: Judgment Day

    As Amanda and Tony's relationship gets more real, Lyric weighs in, causing Amanda to have some doubts. Kathy also puts the pressure on, and Amanda realizes that she's not so great at balancing her work and relationships. As such, when she talks to Tony she starts to wonder if he really is just another Shitty Boyfriend.

  • 8. The Tony Trilogy: Return of the King

    Amanda finishes her work with Kathy, but realizes that all of her behavior has cost her the thing that mattered the most to her ­a guy who actually gave a shit about her and was good to her. Amanda immerses herself in her work instead in an attempt to process all the lessons she learned, hoping to figure out her happy ending.

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