Ana Fernanda Hernández Moya and her husband Kevin James Visser built a life between their two countries, Mexico and Canada. But when an earthquake devastated Hernández’s hometown of Jojutla in September 2017, she stayed for a year to help with relief efforts. She was joined by a passionate group of twenty-somethings, some of whom came home from greener pastures to help rebuild their town. Disappointed by the response of local and state authorities, Hernández agrees to run for local government with her longtime friend, activist Carlos Brito. Supported by local youth, they help create the independent party, Resurge. With Brito running for mayor and Hernández as his running mate, Resurge competes in the largest elections in the country’s history, as Mexicans hit the polls to vote for all levels of government. SHOOK is the story of a 28-year-old woman’s unlikely journey into local Mexican politics. Backed by a scrappy group of local youth and working on a shoestring budget, Hernández hits the streets with hand-painted signs. She and Brito are part of a wave of independent candidates across Mexico running on anti-corruption platforms. The country has no shortage of talented young people looking to make a difference, but in Mexico speaking out against violence and corruption can be a deadly proposition. Jojutla is a bucolic agricultural centre; it has also made headlines for mass graves, kidnappings, and narco-violence. Hernández’s husband Visser is fully aware of the dangers, and unlike her parents, he is encouraging his wife’s decision to run for politics. His local church in Edmonton has been raising money for Ana’s relief efforts since the earthquake. Visser stays in Alberta most of the year, working to support the couple, and visits Jojutla as often as he can. Depending on the outcome of the election, Visser may end up relocating to Mexico for good. SHOOK follows Hernández as she grapples with the challenge of fixing her broken town and piecing together her divided life.

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