Silly Paws

Silly Paws features Stuffy, a fan favourite from "Gary’s Magic Fort" and deaf actor Gaitrie Persaud (Simmi). In each episode, Simmi and Stuffy have a new activity planned that doesn’t always go as expected.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Silly Paws - Paint

    Watch Stuffy & Simmi practice their painting! Let's Van Gogh!

  • 2. Silly Paws - Umbrella

    It's raining cats, dogs & Stuffies in this episode of Silly Paws!

  • 3. Silly Paws - Blanket

    Hide & go Stuffy! Surprises are in store in this episode of Silly Paws!

  • 4. Silly Paws - Hat

    Hats off to Simmi & Stuffy in this silly adventure!

  • 5. Silly Paws - Scarf

    Snuggle up with Simmi & Stuffy for this silly episode!

  • 6. Silly Paws - Football

    TOUCHDOWN! Sport it up with Simmi & Stuffy!

  • 7. Silly Paws - Sock

    Dive in for another silly episode with your pals Simmi & Stuffy!

  • 8. Silly Paws - Cereal Bowl

    Grab a snack and enjoy a breakfast picnic with these two funny friends!

  • 9. Silly Paws - Shovel

    Simmi & Stuffy are working on their gardening! Dig in for a silly, fun and fur-bulous time!

  • 10. Silly Paws - Button

    Simmi's lost her button! Stuffy is on the case! Stick around for some silly fun!

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