SourToe: The Story of the Sorry Cannibal

Toe Captain Terry is a grizzled old Yukoner who proudly administers the Sourtoe Cocktail to thousands of thrill-seeking tourists every year. It's a ghastly Yukon tradition that involves a shot of Yukon Jack and a mummified human toe. Three years ago that tradition was thrown into jeopardy when Joshua Clark, a writer from New Orleans, swallowed the toe. On purpose. In 2013 Joshua was passing through Dawson City when he heard about "the most disgusting cocktail in the world." As a man of many adventures, he wasn't content just to drink the drink - he decided to take it one step further. He slurped down the toe, then proudly paid the $500 fine for swallowing the amputated appendage and slipped into the night. A ragtag group of Soutoe alumni, angry bartenders, and (according to some) a few Hells Angels went searching for Joshua, but he skipped town the next morning. In his absence, he was declared banned from the Downtown Hotel (home of the Sourtoe Cocktail). Terry was - and still is - furious: Joshua left him with just one toe, and that toe is suffering from continuous use. Terry needs new toes so the Sourtoe Cocktail tradition can continue. He's searching everywhere for fresh big ones. What Terry doesn't know, is that his nemesis is back in town. Joshua has returned to right his wrongs. Reflecting upon his actions - and all the people he has hurt - Joshua decides to will his big right toe to the Sourtoe Cocktail Club. But will that be enough to reverse his ban from the Downtown Hotel? And will Terry ever forgive him?

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