Cece Parker Jones’ life is turned upside-down when she discovers she’s a real witch. Magical mayhem ensues at the Paris Opera Ballet School when Cece begins to practice her spell work, making things harder to juggle as she balances new magical identity, dance, and simply being a teenager! Things get even more complicated when she accidentally summons her enemies, a group called the Mystics

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    Cece's life is turned upside down when she discovers she's a real witch. She must learn to balance her new magical identity, dancing, and her teenage life while protecting herself from the Mystics.

  • 1. W Stands For Wizen

    Cece's first day at the Paris Opera Ballet School turns into a disaster when she discovers that her place is in jeopardy after an administrative error. Things get worse when she discovers a book of spells in the back room of her Aunt Ginger’s apothecary. Apparently, she's a real witch! Struggling to navigate these newfound revelations, Cece focuses on training to preserve her place at the school.

  • 2. Magic malaise

    Lola and Amy are convinced that Cece is the Wise One, the most powerful witch in the world, and attempt to persuade her to begin her magical training. But Cece remains determined to solely focus on dance as she continues to strive for her spot at the school. When she's paired with a reluctant Benoit, she desperately casts a spell hoping to thin her competition, but things don't go as planned.

  • 3. Take the stage

    It's D-day for Cece as she performs on the Garnier stage for the last round of auditions. Facing a crisis of confidence, she uses magic given to her by the Wizens, which only interferes with her performance. At the same time, Adrian, a Mystic hunter and Ginger’s new W employee, attempts to drain Cece's magic while she performs in order to save his brother from a magical prison.

  • 4. Agreeable pie

    The Wizens convince an exhausted Cece to use an Agreeable Pie spell to get Ginger to allow her to stay at the school, making her rehearsal schedule less arduous. There’s just one catch – she has to agree to become an official Wizen. Jack and Benoit are sentenced to a massive detention and must clean the whole school. Adrian learns that by draining the Wizens, he's able to read their minds.

  • 5. Outside the box

    Cece gets acclimated to living at the school while juggling the Wizens demands for her new magical training. Cece and Simone bend the rules of a dance assignment with the hopes of bringing ballet to those who don’t have access to it. Ginger learns that she unknowingly helped Cece become an official Wizen. Afraid of Cece's mom's reaction, she decides to keep this a secret.

  • 6. Twinning is winning

    It's Halloween, one of Cece's favorite holidays! Except when she discovers that Mia has decided to wear the exact same costume than her... Benoit plucks up the courage to ask Cece out but his attempts are anything but a success. On this special night, Lola and Amy are missioned to keep an eye on Cece, while Ginger performs a ritual to prevent the Mystics from roaming freely around the world.

  • 7. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

    Cece, Simone and the Wizens find out Mia was taken by the Mystics. When Cece finds Mia is actually stuck in a mirror, she must use her magical abilities to break her free before she disappears forever. Having lost their powers since Adrian drained all their magic, Amy and Lola try to convince Ginger to reinstate their powers. Finn coaches Benoit and Jack on the art of flirting.

  • 8. Starcrossed

    After the Halloween events, Cece asks the Wizens to teach her magic - she wants to learn how to protect herself. Armando announces that the next assignment will be focused on pairs. When Cece overhears Jack say he doesn’t want to be paired with Mia, Cece tries to cast a love spell on them. But the spell goes awry and hits Simone and Jack instead, and now Cece has to do damage control.

  • 9. Fear of flying

    When Simone starts acting weirdly during their new pairs assignment, Cece casts a spell to decode her behavior only to discover she is terrified of lifts. Finn and Benoit fight over their interpretations of the assignment which ultimately inspires them to use fight in their choreography. Meanwhile, Adrian attempts to syphon Wizessence from the witches attending Ginger’s monthly W meeting.

  • 10. Prom-a-thon

    Cece, Simone and Mia convince Armando to host a "prom-a-thon", an American style prom meets fundraiser. The boys go on mission to ask the girls out officially, but when Adrian thwarts Benoit’s attempt at asking Cece to the dance, Cece’s left feeling rejected. Mia is relieved when Jack finally asks her on a date. Adrian realizes that despite his attempts, Cece and Benoît bond at the prom.

  • 11. Bewitched ballet

    While rehearsing for the mid-season showcase "Macbeth", Cece unknowingly unleashes a curse, leading to strange and calamitous events at the school. She and Simone write down who they envision for each part and freak out when Cece's predictions actually come true. Jack is cast as Macbeth and Benoit is cast as a villager, leaving him furious and resulting in yet another rivalry between the two.

  • 12. Juliet

    Lola and Amy are freaking out since they've learnt Cece has unleashed the Macbeth curse. When they find out that the curse was actually placed on Macbeth by a Wizen, they go on a broom closet hunt to find her hoping to remove the curse forever. Mia helps Jack recover from his injury, while he helps her chill out with a romantic date. Adrian thinks he can use the Macbeth ballet to free his brother.

  • 13. The Scottish Play

    It's the night of the showcase and Cece is afraid the curse will make damage on set, especially since she finds out that Juliet has been following her, hoping she will break the curse and set her free. Luckily for her, Ginger and her mother are here to attempt a counterspell. Adrian is taking advantage of the whole situation and might finally succeed in his plan to free his brother.

  • 14. Release me

    Cece realizes that Juliet is tethered to her because she only half broke the curse. Cece must finish breaking the curse by performing Macbeth again, before it settles on them forever! She gets her class to dance the ballet in a fun hybrid interpretation at the Palais Royal. Mia thinks she and Jack are ready for their first real kiss, and uses the opportunity for him to make the move.

  • 15. The secrets we keep

    It’s the end of the winter break. Cece is still angry that her mom lied to her about her identity, while Lizzie is trying to wrap her head around the fact that her daughter is practicing magic. Their rift grows wider when Cece discovers Lizzie plans to take her back home. On his end, Adrian is still trying to find a way to free his brother while getting closer to Cece, much to Kevin's annoyance.

  • 16. Hybrid Hip Hop

    Cece, Simone, and Mia create vision boards for the year ahead. Cece wrestles with her growing feelings for both Benoit and Adrian and decides to spend some time with them before making any decision. Jack and Benoit are spending their time fighting, after being forced by their parents to spend the vacations together. Kevin is becoming suspicious of Adrian's growing feelings for Cece.

  • 17. Red velvet magic

    Cece, Mia and Simone get competitive for Armando’s attention ahead of a potential mid-season announcement, while the boys are busy planning a surprise Valentine's Day party. Cece’s conflicting emotions over Benoit and Adrian come to a head when she accidentally bakes her tears into the cookies, making them enchanted. Mia and Jack decide to make things official.

  • 18. Front page challenge

    When the class has to work on the school newspaper, Finn wins the role of editor. Cece and Mia immediately start to pitch ideas, jumping into the competition of who gets the feature on the front page! Cece gets Finn’s attention writing about Women of Color in Ballet, but Mia is determined to find something even better... and is on the verge of exposing Cece's true identity!

  • 19. Reveal the feels

    Amy, Lola and Simone are concerned about Cece and Adrian's relationship, as they think Cece doesn't know him that well and shouldn't have revealed her true nature to him. The girls decide to use the Spring Sale at W Apothecary to investigate Adrian's true feelings for Cece. And when Cece catches Adrian in a lie during a game of charades, she begins to doubt him too...

  • 20. Get some zest

    When Amy and Lola train Cece for a new difficult spell, it unexpectedly takes all the energy out of her, on the very day she has to perform for Armando's mock audition! Cece questions our journey as a dancer and Wizen and wonders if she has to make a radical choice. Meanwhile, Jack has a heart to heart with Armando about his healing journey and Finn makes a surprising decision for the audition.

  • 21. Model students

    The school is hosting a fashion exhibit on ballet through the ages. Mia and Simone's fight over wearing the same dress results in disastrous consequences. They must now work together to repair the damages! Cece discovers that her magic has evolved when she accidentally makes her and Finn turn into real life mannequins. Now she needs to reverse the spell quickly before the couriers take them away!

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