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Welcome to the Street Cents group chat! Come hang with us as we react to and review TikToks from @streetcents. Making money-stuff make sense comes with a lot of good, bad and behind-the-scenes.

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  • 1. Makeup at Dollarama

    We take a closer look at discounted Milk Makeup eyebrow gel found at Dollarama. Why is it so cheap?

  • 2. What is Cost Per Wear?

    Calculating a way to see value in clothing purchases. We see if it also works for other things like makeup.

  • 3. $5 Lunch Challenge

    We have a very challenging buy lunch for only $5. But there is a twist. Can we do it?

  • 5. The Cost of Beauty

    Let's talk makeup. From high-end products to a full face using beauty samples. Does cost make a difference in the result?

  • 6. Testing Easy Money Ideas

    The promise of easy money is everywhere online. So we actually test out these online claims. How hard is it to make easy money?

  • 7. Saving Your Chapped Lips

    Save your chapped lips this winter! We look at which products have the best ingredients. And play along with a True/False game for Vaseline.

  • 8. Scoring Free Stuff

    Let's talk freebies. From snagging free stuff on your birthday to entering contests with a chance to win big. Everyone likes free stuff!

  • 9. Food Adventures

    Who doesn’t love food? We’ve got tips for making takeout meals last. A report on how pricing works at grocery stores and a vegetarian $5 Lunch Challenge. Yum!

  • 10. Top Three Fashion

    Our top performing videos on YouTube share the theme of fashion! Let's talk spray on dresses, the struggle to find the right jean size and sneaker dupes.

  • 11. Testing AI Programs

    AI apps are on the rise so we tested ChatGPT and Lensa. What can and can't AI do for us?

  • 12. Are the Dupes Duping?

    Three money-saving dupes! Let's test to see if they work just as well, or better than, the original products.

  • 13. Too Good to be True?

    Unique ways people claim to make easy money. Plus, the important question ... how much money is enough?

  • 14. Unique Jobs

    Let's meet some interesting people with unique jobs! A shoemaker, barber and four-legged sweetheart Ember.

  • 15. Things that DO Make Money

    Three different ways you can actually make some money as a teen. Find out if they would work for you too!

  • 16. Feeling Fine Print

    Details make a difference! We discover how finding and understanding the fine print can help you make better decisions.

  • 17. Multi-Purpose People

    We're talking about one tool, multiple uses! Find out how you can use food colouring, shampoo and food in many different ways.

  • 18. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

    We discover some jobs that are worth the work, and some that don't work at all!

  • 19. DIY Discount

    Testing some interesting ways to ways spend less and save more.

  • 20. Gettin' Creative

    It's time to get creative! From writing a children's book to repairing old clothes or fashioning a new hoodie. We're trying it all.

  • 21. Be Our Guests

    We’ve been lucky to have different guests across Canada help create fun and engaging content for Street Cents!

  • 22. Use Your Head

    Here are three smart ways to keep your head and all the parts in, on and around it at their best. Eyes, ears, face skin?

  • 23. Hype Check

    We’re going to look at some of the most hyped products we’ve come across that we just had to try for ourselves!

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