Succulent Six

They are big. They are loud. They are beautiful. And they are ready to make their mark on the world by bringing body positivity to the media forefront.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. A Curvy Line

    Body image activist, Amanda Scriver, joins the squad as they model nude for a real figure drawing class. The S6 bare all and prove to themselves and the public that EVERY body is beautiful.

  • 2. Fat Girls Can Jump!

    Body image and gender roles prevent many women from playing sports. Former NCAA basketball player and S6 member Rachel brings her teammate Giselle to the court to shoot some hoops and teach us some surprising lessons about female empowerment.

  • 3. Big Love

    All bodies deserve love. The S6 break ground to create an all-inclusive, body positive speed-dating mission. However, old ghosts return to haunt Annika as their guest six is revealed to be a missed connection from her past…

  • 4. Fashion +

    The Succulents take on the skinny-obsessed fashion industry as they coordinate a high fashion editorial shoot to shed some high key light on things. Comedian and host, Sheena Snively adds to the fun as the squad glam it up for the camera.

  • 5. Don’t Be A Boob

    Our plus size squad go for a busty bra fitting with professional bra fitter, Sam Conover. All bets are off as Rachel and Ashley feel the difference in a properly fitted bra.

  • 6. Into The Deep

    The time of year that strikes fear into almost every woman is bathing suit season. The girls decide to throw all that fear away with a plus-size model, Lisa Schoenberger, as they strip down and hit up a public pool party.

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