Super Agent Jon Le Bon!

On Earth A, the Agency is responsible for protecting the world from supervillains. Luckily, the famous and unusual Super Agent Jon Le Bon is always ready to save the world from impending doom.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. A Big FLOP

    Whitewash is about to destroy the world with his laser, while Jon and Shorthand can’t agree on how to use the FLOP.

  • 2. A Dangerous Game

    Gabriel Lobe wants to take over the world. All he needs is for Jon and Bubble to play one more game on the console!

  • 3. Breaking the Ice

    Jon and WXT are having a climbing competition, while Whitewash is trying to sink the continents for his own convenience!

  • 4. Stealing his Thunder

    Jon steals WXT’s show and accidentally gets launched on a missile heading straight for a gigantic meteor! Farewell Jon…

  • 5. Deja Jon

    Jon is having fun with the temporal toaster, while the rest of the team is getting sliced and diced by deadly traps!

  • 6. When it Goes Woof!

    Creamy wants to send acid-filled missiles in the air, but Jon arrives in time to trick him into foiling his own plan…

  • 7. Chaos Theory

    A strange butterfly is exactly what it takes to entertain Jon… especially if it leads to the end of the world!

  • 8. Rivals till the End

    Jon and WXT found the perfect scenario to figure out who the best agent is: first to disarm the gigantic bomb wins!

  • 9. Red Alert

    The Daucus Carotas have captured all the agents and are about to summon Castaro, the demon! Can Martha save the day?

  • 10. On The Dot

    With his indestructible barrier and his army of robots, Tiberius is ready to rule! Fortunately, Jon packed… a fork!

  • 11. Rescuing the North Pole

    In order to seize Santa Claus’ mysterious technologies, Tiberius tries to take over the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Fortunately, Maple, who found out what her father is up to, recruits Jon to thwart his plans and save Christmas!

  • 12. Christmas on Ice

    At the Agency, everything is ready for Christmas, but horror: Santa's reindeers have vanished right before his gift distribution! Could Big Beaver be behind all this? Either way, the agents have very little time to find the reindeers and save Christmas once again!

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