The TallBoyz - Guled, Vance, Tim and Franco - return with sketches ranging from absurdist themes, like fostering an oil barrel, to hard-hitting examinations of privilege, blackface and spicy food.

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    TALLBOYZ is a new sketch comedy of epic proportions. Measuring in at a whopping 25'2" (collectively), this crew has quite the perspective to share. Nothing is off-limits or out of reach.

  • 1. What’s it gonna be, boys?

    The TallBoyz evade the transit authorities; a boy band deals with insecurity; a diary reveals all.

  • 2. Clap your hands, everybody

    Guled starts a beef with a dangerous rapper; it ain’t always easy being tall in the club; a sitcom audience puts strain on a relationship.

  • 3. Mind the mints

    Two fathers reveal an adoption bombshell; the TallBoyz await news about an audition; a traveler encounters a bathroom attendant in an unlikely spot.

  • 4. Suck it up and go to Mars

    A jaded detective uses unorthodox methods to solve crimes; the TallBoyz have doubts about their trip to Mars; friends visit their old high school and make an awful discovery.

  • 5. Wow, are these insoles?

    With a frog comes a happy ending; young friends fear impending adulthood; a man overprepares for a party.

  • 6. Under caricature clouds

    The TallBoyz force Tim to choose a best friend; a pair of wannabe rappers search for a place to record; detectives negotiate a hostage situation.

  • 7. Hoop hoop hooray!

    An officer attempts to disarm a bomb; someone leaks the TallBoyz’ secret handshake; soldiers comfort a fallen comrade during his final moments.

  • 8. Fare is Fair

    A specialized hospital unit faces its toughest case yet; a man deals with afterlife bureaucracy; the TallBoyz learn Franco’s dark past.

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