Telling Our Story

11 First Peoples, 11 cultures, 11 languages: a multi-millennial presence whose story remains to be told.

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  • 1. Territory

    Let us tell you the story of the land — the beating heart of our identities, our beliefs and our traditions.

  • 2. Identity

    Let us show you the beauty of our languages and the ingenuity of our people that has been passed on for thousands of years through our oral tradition.

  • 3. Spirituality

    Eleven First Peoples, one circular worldview, connected to all that is alive. Despite attempts by the government and the Church to ban our rituals and ceremonies, our spiritualities live on.

  • 4. Rebuilding

    First Peoples are tackling issues including ecological stewardship, discrimination, governance and food sovereignty. Every decision is made with a view to its impact on the next seven generations.

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