Ten Year Old Tom

Ten Year Old Tom follows the comedic misadventures of an average kid as he contends with questionable guidance from the well-meaning grownups around him.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. The Bassoon Incident / Ice Cream Money

    Tom trades a bassoon for a baseball. Steroids should do the trick. / Tom and Nelson hatch a plan to raise ice cream money.

  • 2. The Spelling Bee is Rigged / Dakota's Dad

    Tom adds intellectual diversity to the spelling bee team. / Tom joins the bros for a “fishing trip.”

  • 3. Trust Me, I’m a Nurse / A Yearbook to Disremember

    After falling in gym class, Tom enters a must-sue situation. / Tom’s yearbook photo is sold to a shady insurance company.

  • 4. Tomz Lemonade / A Tale of Two Lunch Ladies

    All business deals are off when Tom admits a recipe he’s selling isn’t his own./ Tom conspires to get his Mom fired from the cafeteria.

  • 5. Tom Urinates on Boston / First Responder

    Tom accidently defiles Babe Ruth’s mitt while visiting Fenway Park./ Tom becomes a local hero after staging a fake rescue.

  • 6. The Principal is Banging My Mom / Elderly Gerbil

    Tom takes advantage of the Principal when he dates his mom./ After he sets his gerbil free, Tom summons a search party to find it.

  • 7. Skipping School / Cooking the Books

    Tom, Nelson and Dakota skip school in search of some old-fashioned fun. / Tom finds himself ill-prepared for the job when he’s elected class treasurer.

  • 8. Roastmaster Tom / A Daffodil for Terence

    Tom hurts the Principal’s feelings during a roast. / Mr. B. takes Tom under his wing to teach him how to act for the school play.

  • 9. Art Class / Problem Moms

    Tom must find an artist to help him complete a school art assignment. / Tom’s Mom challenges Dakota’s Mom to a fist fight.

  • 10. Landscaper on the Couch / The Nurse’s Wedding

    A landscaper and his son move in with Tom after Tom puts him out of business. / Tom gives bad advice and ruins the Nurse’s wedding.

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