Terrific Women

A comedy set in the seventies about two clueless and often inebriated feminists who co­-host their own late- night, local cable access television show.

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Episodes Season 1

  • 1. Punch

    When Joy & Linda have Pam lead a segment on punch, they discover Pam also leads a cult.

  • 3. The Dating Game

    Linda surprises Joy with The Dating Game using contestants from her past to find the father of Joy’s unborn child.

  • 4. Women's Protest Survival Kits

    Linda and Joy show us how to prepare a “Protest Survival Kit” for the modern woman.

  • 5. Dance

    The gals enlist a pro dance instructor to help them up their groove game so they can get into Toronto's hottest disco.

  • 6. Women in the Workforce

    The ladies discuss “Women in the Workforce” and host a workplace fashion show starring Linda’s cousin/model, Debbie.

  • 7. How to Host a Terrfic Key Party [Part 1]

    In the midst of planning the perfect key party, Joy drops the bomb that she’s leaving the show, causing Linda to freeze.

  • 8. How to Host a Terrfic Key Party [Part 2]

    The party is in full swing, and there's big tension with Linda when her ex-husband shows up and Joy goes into labour.

  • 9. Water Births

    The ladies deliver an informative segment on “Water Births” from the comfort of a hot tub, as Joy has contractions.

  • 10. Therapy

    Gynecologist/Psychiatrist Dr. Jackson uses “primal therapy” to help Joy and Linda solve their relationship problems.

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