The Adventures of Paddington

The Adventures of Paddington is a new version of a familiar bear. It’s a heartwarming show about being curious, being good to others, and being part of a loving family.

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Episodes Season 2

  • 1. Paddington’s Plant Problem

    Mr. Curry goes on holiday & gives Paddington the job of watering one plant, it looks almost dead, can he revive Ellie before Mr. Curry returns?

  • 2. Paddington the Artist

    Paddington wants to take part in the CommunArty show, but what’s he good at? Pottery, Painting or sculpture?

  • 3. Squirrel Surprise

    Paddington accidentally destroys a squirrel’s nut store so invites him in to apologize, however he didn’t expect him to bring friends.

  • 4. Paddington Becomes a Secret Agent

    Judy gets a Toy Spy Kit, but why is Mrs.Bird being so secretive? There’s only one way to find out let’s follow her!

  • 5. Paddington Clowns Around

    Paddington throws a Birthday party for Mateo but things don’t go to plan, will Mrs. Brown’s clown act save the day?

  • 6. Paddington Gets Fit

    It’s the annual fun run in Windsor Gardens park, Paddington however is not very fit so Mrs. Bird decides to train him!

  • 7. Paddington Celebrates Mrs. Bird Day

    It’s Mrs. Bird Day & Paddington wants to make a cake with a Special jar of Marmalade but no one can open it – how will he show his appreciation?

  • 8. Paddington and the Bad Swap

    Paddington accidentally gives away Jonathan’s rare Tiny Robot card in a game of Imaginarium. How will he get it back?

  • 9. Paddington the Table Tennis Champ

    Paddington & Mateo form a table tennis team and the beat the table hogs so everyone can play!

  • 10. Paddington Takes to the Ice

    There’s an ice rink in the Park & Mr. Gruber teaches Paddington how to skate for the ice disco but will be brave the ice himself again after a past fall?

  • 11. Paddington and the Vegetable Thief

    Who’s trying to steal Mr. Curry’s prized Giant Pumpkin? PC Wells & Paddington are on the case.

  • 12. Paddington's Rockingchair Repair

    Jonathan, Judy and Paddington accidentally break Mrs. Bird’s much-loved rocking chair! How will they fix it before she finds out?

  • 13. Paddington and the Big Decision

    On the last day of the school holidays Jonathan and Judy can’t agree on what to do so Paddington has the casting vote.

  • 14. Paddington's Beach Stowaway

    The Browns come back from a beach trip with more than sand in their hair – why is that shell moving on its own?

  • 15. Paddington and the Caterpillar

    Paddington has a new caterpillar friend, and he and Judy learn that not all changes are bad!

  • 16. Paddington's Space Adventure

    Join Paddington as he takes off & becomes the world’s first Bearonaut thanks to the Brown family!

  • 17. Paddington Plays the Floor is Lava

    The Browns take part in a very competitive game of The Floor is Lava, but who will win and will they make a good impression on an important visitor?

  • 18. Paddington's Lucky Day

    Paddington Jonathan & Judy are worried they’ve used up all of Lucky the dog’s luck – how will they tell Sofia?

  • 19. Paddington the Upcycler

    Baaz teaches Jonathan & Paddington about upcycling but can the pair create something to earn a reward?

  • 20. Paddington Opens the City Farm

    Paddington’s excited about the grand opening of the city farm, but the animals escape when the gate is left open – will they find them in time?

  • 21. Paddington's Blackberry Treasure

    Jonathan, Judy & Paddington pick all the blackberries in the garden, but Mr. Curry seems to think some are his- should they give them back?

  • 22. Paddington the Pizza Chef

    Baaz’s niece Simi is visiting & he wants to create the perfect pizza to surprise her with, but it’s not easy with hungry animals around!

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