The Adventures of Paddington

The Adventures of Paddington is a new version of a familiar bear. It’s a heartwarming show about being curious, being good to others, and being part of a loving family.

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    The Adventures of Paddington is a new version of a familiar bear. A heartwarming show about being curious, being good to others, and being part of a loving family.

  • 1. Paddington Makes Pancakes

    It’s Pancake day. But in the Browns house it’s cancelled as Mrs. Bird has hurt her arms Snowboarding and only, she knows the secret recipe. Paddington rescues the day with his own attempts at making a flat cake.

  • 2. Paddington and Chores List

    The family all have chores except Paddington. So as not to be excluded Mr. Brown creates a list for him to follow, only Paddington picks up the wrong list.

  • 3. Paddington and the Monster Hunt

    There’s a monster in Paddington’s room, Mrs. Bird takes Paddington on a monster hunt.

  • 4. Paddington and the Painting

    Mrs. Brown can’t find inspiration for her next art work so Paddington decides to help find her mojo!

  • 5. Paddington Plays Football

    Jonathan teaches Paddington football, but Paddington kicks the ball into Mr. Curry’s garden. Can we have our ball back? NO! They decide to get it back by climbing over the fence. Mind my Gnomes!

  • 6. Paddington and Poor Mr. Curry

    Mr. Curry is ill, and Paddington decides to nurse him back to health with his own recipe for onion soup.

  • 7. Paddington Finds a Pigeon

    A Pigeon comes down the chimney at 32 Windsor gardens, Paddington nurses the poorly bird back to health and discovers a new friend in Pigeonton, but can he let him go?

  • 8. Paddington Helps With Homework

    Judy has forgotten to do her homework and can’t think of what to do for her geography project. Paddington tries to help and ends up being the subject once he talks about his home.

  • 9. Paddington and the Treehouse

    The children want to camp out for the night in the treehouse, Mr. Brown is worried he won’t get a night’s sleep as the kids will be scared. Paddington wants to prove him wrong, but a lightning storm means they have to come in doors.

  • 10. Paddington and the Magic Trick

    Mr. Gruber gives Paddington a box of Magic tricks, but Paddington cannot master the tricks until he learns to practice, practice, practice.

  • 11. Paddington and the Ballons

    Jonathan has lost his balloon, Paddington tries to get him a new one but accidentally ends up flying all over London. How will he get down? Pigeonton get help!

  • 12. Paddington and the Wardrove

    Paddington is accidentally delivered inside a Wardrobe to Mr. Curry’s house, how will he get out before being discovered?

  • 13. Paddington Finds Buried Treasure

    Jonathan and Paddington dig up some broken pottery, it turns out it’s not Roman, but a statue made by Mrs. Brown, but who broke it? Was it Judy’s guilty secret? Or was it Mr. Brown?

  • 14. Paddington Learns the Violin

    Judy does not like Violin lessons so hides from Ms. Potts. Paddington takes up the challenge. Watch out ears!

  • 15. Paddington Finds a Hobby

    Paddington does not have a hobby, the Browns all seen to be good at something but’s he’s not. Mrs. Brown finds out whilst Paddington is good at in the end.

  • 16. Paddington and the Stamp

    Paddington gets his arm stuck in a post box after accidentally using Mr. Grubers rare Penny Black on his letter to Aunt Lucy.

  • 17. Paddington Plans a Party

    Mr. Brown has forgotten to get Mrs. Brown a Birthday present, Paddington decides to hold a surprise party.

  • 18. Paddington Makes a Scrapbook

    Paddington decides to make a scrapbook of memories and tries to include all his friends to show Aunt Lucy.

  • 19. Paddington and the Talent Show

    Paddington discovers Mr. Brown is a fantastic dancer so enters him into the Townhall talent contest. However, Mr. Brown gets stage fright, Paddington to the rescue.

  • 20. Paddington Digs a Tunnel to Peru

    Paddington decides to dig a Tunnel through the centre of the earth to Peru but ends up in Mr. Curry’s green house.

  • 21. Paddington and the Meteor Shower

    Paddington wishes to take a photo of a Meteor shower and must use an antique Camera loaned by Mr. Gruber unfortunately it only has three pictures left on it, can Paddington get the shot?

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