The Art Show

Children are inspired to make their own art while they share their thoughts about their lives and culture.

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  • 1. Kohen’s Pottery

    Inspired by her Uncle Steve’s pottery, Kohen visits his pottery studio on Six Nations Reserve. There she creates her very own piece using her great, great Grandmother’s original design.

  • 2. Neza’s Painting

    Neza spends the day at Glenhyrst Art Gallery where he experiences abstract paintings of diverse colour and texture – one reminds him of his basketball hoop back home where he plays with his sister Keza.

  • 3. Vivian’s Airplanes

    Inspired by her day at the aircraft museum in Hamilton, Vivi creates a flight inspired work using a board, wire and pieces of an airplane bought at the museum’s gift shop.

  • 4. Joshua’s White Pine

    Joshua spends the day with Arnold Jacobs, an Indigenous artist on Six Nations Reserve here he learns of the importance of art in preserving culture.

  • 5. Bella’s Clay People

    Using her dog Sky as a model, Bella creates her own version of ceramic art using modeling clay.

  • 6. Ben’s Fence

    Inspired by a colourful outdoor installation piece, Ben decides to create a colourful fence of his own.

  • 7. Warren’s Beadwork

    Warren’s home is on Six Nations Reserve and one of his favourite activities is making beadwork for traditional ceremonies in the longhouse.

  • 8. Nawal’s Little Red Bus

    After a trip to the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Nawal creates a whimsical VW bus using a toilet paper roll.

  • 9. Ava’s Portrait

    Ava paints her first portrait of her mother when she sets up her easel at the Art Gallery of Guelph.

  • 10. Jessica’s Rain Stick

    Jessica is Mohawk and her home is on Six Nations Reserve, this is where she creates her very own rain stick from materials around the house.

  • 11. Kevin’s Pumpkin

    Inspired by a day at the local pumpkin patch with his family, Kevin transforms an ordinary pumpkin into an untraditional work of art.

  • 12. Aleena & Dezlin’s Rattle

    Aleena and Dezlin are from Six Nations Reserve. Their modern and traditional dancing demonstrates how art and dance can bridge cultures.

  • 13. Max’s Still Life

    Max is inspired by the beauty of Picone’s outdoor display of gourds, squashes, apples and pears. He takes some home to create his very own still life.

  • 14. Maci’s Longhouse Sculpture

    Maci builds a longhouse out of branches, twigs and leaves at Kanata Village. Her brother Marc joins her and together they celebrate traditional Mohawk culture through the art they create and the stories they share.

  • 15. Violet’s Mixed Media

    Violet spends the day with her Mom in Hamilton. During a visit to Earls Court Gallery, Violet creates a canvas covered with beads and shells.

  • 16. Nawal’s Pottery

    Inspired by nature and a waterfall, Nawal spends the day with Scott Barnim at his pottery studio in Dundas. Scott welcomes Nawal and helps her make her own coil pot.

  • 17. Aleena’s Winter Cornhusk Diorama

    Inspired by a collection of First Nations Art and artifacts at Woodland Cultural Centre, Aleena creates a diorama with modeling clay, cornhusks and items she collected from nature.

  • 18. Ben’s Multi-Canvas Painting

    Ben draws his inspiration from a multi-canvas painting at the Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant. He paints a scene of his own using four small canvases.

  • 19. Kohen’s Cornhusk Doll

    After learning the traditional story about the unique facial features of the cornhusk doll, Kohen makes one with the help of aboriginal artisan Elizabeth Doxtator.

  • 20. Meredith’s Horse Stable

    Meredith loves all things horses. Today she builds a miniature stable of her own after spending the day with her friend Lynn and all her miniature horses at Taking Strides.

  • 21. Michael’s Wire Boy in Tree

    Inspired by a painting of a tree on a remote island Michael imagines himself as a part of that world and creates a wire sculpture of a boy on a tree swing.

  • 22. Freya’s Photography

    Freya is inspired by Carnegie Gallery's landscape installation and heads off to a nearby pond to do some nature photography of her own.

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