The Artists

THE ARTISTS is an engaging and stylized documentary about the first three decades of the video game industry. From its beginnings as a bizarre electronic curio in the early 70s through its worldwide ascent, the medium has inspired an eager audience for over forty years. Yet surprisingly little is known about its history!

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  • 1. Seeing Farther: How Electronic Arts (Re)defined the Artist

    Meet the group of rogue programmers who, in the 1980s, decided to elevate computer games to an art form.

  • 2. The Revolution will be Digitized: The Rise & Fall of Gaming’s First Dynasty

    Pong took computer games out of the lab and into the dive bar. Here’s how the runaway success of Atari’s first game led to the company’s eventual downfall.

  • 3. The Dragon Slayer: Chris Crawford’s Never Ending Quest to Slay his Dragon

    Though his industry was becoming increasingly concerned with the bottom line, Chris Crawford understood that video games could revolutionize storytelling.

  • 4. The Doom Generation: The Birth of the First Person Shooter

    Doom was a fast-paced and immersive first-person shooter game whose success was the envy of the industry.

  • 5. Wordsmiths: Zork and the Worlds of Text-Based Adventuring

    Before video games could get graphic, text-based adventures imagined the future of literature.

  • 6. One More Turn: How Civilization Shows Us Who We Really Are

    The history-inspired Civilization games say less about the past than they do about what’s next.

  • 7. Come Together: The Life & Times of Dani Bunten-Berry

    For one programmer, the future of gaming was about more than art. It was a social issue.

  • 8. Searching for Shangri-La: LucasArts’ Legacy of Blurring the Lines Between Film & Gaming

    Extending his empire to the small screen, George Lucas built a video-game incubator on his own ranch.

  • 9. Dungeons & Doctors: How Three Doctors Risked it all to Create Nerd Nirvana

    Young doctors-turned-game-designers performed a digital transplant on an iconic role-playing game.

  • 10. From then to Now: How Video Games Changed Storytelling Forever

    From the art gallery to the boardroom, video games are going places their inventors never anticipated.

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