The Beachcombers

The Beachcombers centers on Nick Adonidas (Bruno Gerussi), a middle-aged beachcomber on BC's Sunshine Coast, who teams up with a young Indigenous man, Jesse Jim (Pat John), to salvage logs. Enjoy a selection of episodes from the iconic seaside comedy-adventure series, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its launch on CBC.

Episodes Season 1

  • The Hexman (November 16, 1975)

    A fisherman from down east, and his ghostly companion, use magical powers against Nick and Jesse. Jesse calls on his great-grandfather, a shaman, and a battle of magical powers takes place.

  • Wolf Song (November 13, 1977)

    An old neglected war canoe is repaired and made to race again.

  • Songwriters (September 16, 1979)

    Guest star singer Rene Simard is the focus of attention when Nick and Jesse pursue the vacationing singer up and down the sunshine coast, determined to sell him a song and become instant celebrities.

  • Sunset (December 12, 1990)

    In the series finale Nick must exonerate himself from accusation of log poaching and boat sabotage, and rethinks his life of as a beachcomber in Gibsons.

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